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A trip to a Wisconsin Junkyard

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  • A trip to a Wisconsin Junkyard

    Greg Meyers likes to wander a different junkyard each year for his birthday. This year we (Greg, Bob40, and I) drove the 2.5 hours up to the Spooner area and did a little hiking. We saw a few Studebakers.

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    Is that the junkyard between Spooner and Hayward? The one where the highway is just a few feet from the railroad tracks? There used to be a welding shop in the Quonset hut by the driveway.

    If so, I first discovered that yard in 1973 and it had not changed much by 1991 or so. It's a great yard.

    Just a long-haired pup, I asked if he had any Studebakers. "over the hill in the pine trees" was the answer and there they were. It was glorious!

    This is a good time of year to go there, while all the ticks and poison Sumac are asleep.
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      That 1966 Lark Type looked like it wanted to come home with you!
      Thank you for sharing the photos!
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        I would bet that none of you found ONE piece of sheet steel (Metal) Body Part that was salvageable!

        A few carry out small pieces and the rest RUSTED iron oxide, scrap metal.

        However if I were there, I would grab those SIX Stainless Steel Window surround Mouldings on all the windows of that '52 Commander Regal 2 Door Sedan, if they are for Sale.

        A rare Car with Mouldings that SOME '47 to '52 Champion or Commander 2 Door Sedan owner would Love to have for maybe a lesser Model without them.
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          There is a 47-48? convertible that is upside down. I know the anti- vibration weights or whatever the correct terminology is are hard to find. I will be back there in a week or two and can pick them up. Exactly where should I be looking for them?
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            I see a 1964 Daytona hardtop there for Lou's registry!
            The beltline chrome molding on the door may be worth saving.

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              Originally posted by RadioRoy View Post
              Is that the junkyard between Spooner and Hayward? The one where the highway is just a few feet from the railroad tracks?
              It is. Very nice yard. High ratio of junk to trash. No ticks this time of year and most (but not all) of the mud was still frozen.

              Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
              I would bet that none of you found ONE piece of sheet steel (Metal) Body Part that was salvageable!
              I wouldn't say NONE, but you are right, most was rusted through at the usual places before it came into the yard and it hasn't improved with age. If you were looking for a restorable trunk lid or hood you might be in luck, and they had a few doors that looked OK, but most of those cars from '53-'55 were sedans anyway. I was really surprised by the number of '47-'51s. The only M was the upside-down cab and grill a few feet away.


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                I wouldn't mind having that '50 Pontiac front end that's T-boneing the 4 door lark. I couldn't find one when I needed it so modified Chevy parts to fit.


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                  Having a -55 sedan & seeing 53-55 sedans with less rusty trunklids & rear fenders makes me wish for the Atlantic to feeze so I could drive over & get some...
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                    I enjoyed the junkyard tour very much. Thank you for posting the pictures.


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                      That trunk lid on the '66 should be a very desirable piece. Looks like there is also a few Ccab grills in decent shape. That junkyard exploration looks like it was a great way to spend a day.
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                        A walk though in Az or CA. would be a lot more interesting. Where the sheet metal is still all there.


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                          RIP old Studebaker's.
                          Castro Valley,


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                            Sad. So many. I sometimes think that if every abandoned Studebaker out there could be recovered and put back on the road it would probably double the number of cars and trucks we see today. We lose so much as a throw away society. Too bad.
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                              That art deco dash and glove box door should be on somebody's wall