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  • spring fever

    Temp.s are finally climbing into the 50s around here, and I'm getting the car bug again. We're expecting rain tomorrow and Saturday. That should wash the remaining salt off the roads so I can start driving my hobby cars again.
    I went out and tried starting them today. Both Studebakers, my Model A roadster and my '39 Harley started right up. I ran them until they warmed up to operating temp. My '56 F-100 and my '44 Harley wouldn't wake up. I had to put battery chargers on them. I'll go out later and give them another try.
    Dwight 54 Commander hardtop

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    I went out and started the reluctant truck and motorcycle, all ready for warm weather and clear roads!
    Dwight 54 Commander hardtop


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      It's showing signs of spring here, but still mid 20s at night. It shouldn't be long before we can get out and enjoy our toys! Happy to hear that you are ready to roll.


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        Well, I hate to say this, but around here we don't have to put our Studebakers up for the winter. Yes, we had a lot of cold weather this winter, but we never had it so cold, wet, etc that in a few days we could be back on the road. Last week I took the Cruiser down to Myrtle Beach for the "Run To The Sun" that is held every March for the last 31 years. It was a blast. The first day was cold and windy, but after that coats were shed before noon. 2300 cars and trucks took part in this show. Oh yes, there were other Studebakers there besides me. The south may be uncomfortably warm and humid in the summer time but while people way up north are shivering in the winter time down here we are driving our Studebakers.
        Joe Roberts
        '61 R1 Champ
        '65 Cruiser
        Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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          Run to the Sun, sounds like a blast. We had planned to retire in Montana, but now we are thinking a little further south, such as St. George Utah. Classic cars can usually be driven for there for ten months a year.


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            I need to stay South, just further out of the city. I am spoiled by the short winters and being able to work outdoors most days in Jan & Feb.
            Barry'd in Studes