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    Originally posted by studegary View Post
    I am more interested in your '02. I assume that notification will come either here or on the AOAI Forum. As you know, I am on both forums nearly every day. I would prefer a '06-'07, but your car is close enough.
    Gary – I just wanted to say that I know Bruce and he is a good guy, and any of his stuff I’ve seen is top notch. Trustworthy.
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      Originally posted by sweetolbob View Post
      Personally, I think $10K for the one in Long Island is all the money and then some as it's going to require a fair bit of coin to removed the bailing wire, replace/rebuild the suspension, add the rear cross member. I do appreciate that much of the interior has been replaced.

      I'm heartened to see Bruce's Avanti is reaching $14K with 5 or so days to go. Looks like a very nice example of an upgraded 70 and I'd rather pay the value Bruce's will bring than try to bring the LI one to that level.

      Bruce's Avanti is worth may more than the NY car. The NY car with $4k of work done to it wouldn't come close.
      This will continue to be an interesting note. When written, it made sense, and may still. But here we are now with Bruce's Avanti at over $16,000. I think that changes the game a little.
      Now we must ask: Would the New York Avanti, with $6400 added to it, make it a comparable purchase?
      Or might we ask: Would you be happy to drive the New York Avanti and have $6400 in your pocket for gas and food and hotels as you jet around the country driving your New York Avanti?
      Perhaps we wait another day or two to see how much more Bruce's Avanti brings before we entertain these notions?
      And, Bruce... believe me, I'm all for you getting as much for your car as the market will bear. It looks to be a terrific example.
      My only contention from the start was that the New York Avanti would be a good buy at under $10K. I still believe that to be the case.
      We shall see.


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        No offense taken. We all have different things in mind with our cars. When I originally purchased my '70, it was in sad condition...the best things about it was that the chrome bumpers had all be redone. While the car wasn't a relic it was in need of serious care. My intention was to rebuild it and make it as perfect as I could reasonably afford and still not be afraid to drive it. I also wanted upgrades to make it better than when built...EFI, Recaro seats, etc. It was always a work in progress even though the initial reconstruction took about two years. I was fortunate in that I had redone an Avanti before so I was familiar with the worst pitfalls. It also was fortuitously done with a great number of NOS parts hitting the market and I scarfed them up for my car.

        I don't expect to make money selling this car...I knew when rebuilding it I was going to invest more in it than than fair market value dictates. I hate to let it go but time and health dictates otherwise so I bend to realization that it's someone else's turn to enjoy this car. I will not be one of those guys so many of us have run into who refuse to sell something because they always intended to restore it someday. I won't let this car melt into the ground from lack of attention. It has a few minor issues but older cars do.

        I don't know whether it will hit reserve but I hope it will. Whomever buys this car will be getting a nice vehicle and I wish them well with it. Avantis are far too awesome to allow to waste away.
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          Posted by sal
          My only contention from the start was that the New York Avanti would be a good buy at under $10K. I still believe that to be the case.

          We're close with the exception is it would be able to be driven and enjoyed for the purchase price of under $10K. My assumption is it's more of the "cheap" Avanti's I see on this and the AOAI forum that continue to generate questions on "How do I fix this and that?" and then the poster finds out that the real repairs to get them on the road is much more than they estimated when they purchased the car. In most cases they would be much better off to purchase an example like Bruce's and drive away happily.

          Sal, you and I could put the LI version on the road but I'll bet by the time the dash if fixed, carpets are improved and the suspension is rebuilt, we'd both be pushing a $2K additional cost minimum. For those that don't do their own work we can double that at a minimum and we don't know the condition of the drive train, brakes or if the purchaser would be happy with what is apparently a repaint applied at minimum cost.

          That's why I'll continue to insist these are under $10K vehicles and most anyone thinking of purchasing one should look for one close to the condition that Bruce's is in and drive happily and save money in the long run.

          The LI car is not a driver, it's an almost/maybe/kinda driveable car that might make it down the road but needs some work to be either worth driving dependably or showing the neighbor's what you bought for the average Avanti buyer.

          In the end, we'll see if the LI one sells for under $10K as it's been on the market 23 days and the price Bruce gets offered for his.



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            I agree that the NY Avanti is not for the feint of heart when it comes to owning any old car. But the beauty of this car is it’s Chevy drivetrain. The simple mechanics of this car wil keep it easily maintainable for quite some time. Other particulars, I.e. wipers, bushings suspension and such could be a little more challenging for a run of the mill mechanic. But I still contend this is a very good candidate for someone looking for a daily driver Avanti.
            Besides, Bruce’s Avanti is now over $17,000. Could you make the NY car look a bit nicer for an extra $7000? Maybe. If not, you’re in the wrong hobby.
            This just might be the last running, driving Avanti for under 10K you’ll find.


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              Begging to differ.





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                Bruce. God bless you and the sale of your Avanti. Now it’s over $18,000 and not yet done with bidding.
                Now, if someone can’t make the New York Avanti even close to Bruce’s for $9000 extra spending money, then I don’t know how to help you.
                And besides, the other two cars noted above are not nearly as nice as the New York car.
                Im just trying to help someone else into what appears to be a very good buy on an Avanti, and it seems that many are here attempting to derail it. I don’t get why.


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                  My love of the Avanti design tells me that any Avanti that can be saved should be saved. My practical side tells me that's not possible...we need donor cars to salvage parts to keep the rest on the road and keep the marque alive. It's just the way things are.

                  I'm hoping for the best for this auction and hope my car goes to a good owner...but once it's out of my hands it's the new owner's car to do as they please.
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                    Bruce. Congrats on the sale. $19,000 is a great sale price for a great car.
                    Could we bring the New York Avanti up to snuff for $9,000?
                    I think Bruce’s sale puts the New York Avanti in a very good light.
                    And I rest my case.


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                      I'm a bit disappointed that the car didn't sell for more but it is what it is. Avantis simply don't bring that much in real market value outside of a select few. As I've said before, you don't buy and rebuild an Avanti to make do it for the love of the car. It's going to a good home...the buyer is the fellow who lost his entire car collection in the Malibu fires...including another Avanti and the Studebaker Kart Hauler.

                      My wife told me it validates my taste in '69 Corvette 427/435 convertible went to England, purchased by a designer for Jaguar and now this Avanti is going to a noted car collector in California. It's a good way of looking at it. Now to sell my '02 Avanti once I drive it a few more times.
                      Poet...Mystic...Soldier of Fortune. As always...self-absorbed, adversarial, cocky and in general a malcontent.


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                        Good luck with the 02 Bruce. I followed the comments on BAT and they were in the most very complimentary of your 70. It is a beautiful car.

                        You are correct about the value of all but a few which is good for us that drive them but not so good if we want to sell.

                        IAC, hang around for all the right reasons and congrats on your choice of vehicles.

                        Avanti - Bob