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  • Studebaker International Move Complete

    Rumor has it, (well, actually a post by Corey on Stude Addicts F B Page) that the last load was hauled out of South Bend today. Congratulations Guys! Bittersweet, but I am sure you can all breath a little easier now.
    Best of Luck in your new location!
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    Where is their new location?
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      Hope In. About 30 miles south of Greenfield. Took a final walk through yesterday. More Studebaker memory's. Studebaker Salvage, Standard Surplus, Newman & Altman, to SASCO, and then Studebaker International. No more running to the Studebaker parts house in South Bend.
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        Will the last one leaving South Bend please turn off the lights. End of an era.

        The museum is still there, but the hardware is gone.

        jack vines


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          & . 'Too bad someone didn't photograph the last truckload of parts headed south on U.S. 31 at the city limits...or did they?

          End of an era, but so happy to see the inventory saved yet again. Best wishes to Cory and Jim, and thanks to all who have worked so diligently on this through the years. BP
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            I will miss the parts in South Bend but am glad to see they were able to reduce overhead and thus help insure that the parts are around for years to come.

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              Stephen was there yesterday loading up a few crates full of stuff. Maybe he was the last person in South Bend to buy Studebaker parts from the “factory”?


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                Here's a link to some pics. Floor is so clean you could eat off it! Well, maybe not.


                I was STUDEBAKER, when STUDEBAKER wasn't "KOOL".


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                  Wow, not even a paper clip is left. Good luck to Jim & Corey. They've been able to preserve Stude parts for a long time. All the best!!!
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                    Sorry to see it go but glad it's being preserved by people who care!


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                      I just recieved an order from them last week that was made during the move. It shipped out same day. I made the order online then called an hour later to add a part I had forgotten. Very friendly and fast.
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                        Little more crowded back in December...

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                          Now it's time for a huge sale!!!!
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                            I wonder how many semi-van trailer loads it took to move the inventory this time?
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