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Avanti Bumpers available

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  • Avanti Bumpers available

    The ad is in San Francisco area. Not mine. Expensive, but where else you gonna find em?

    Also... see why that cheap Avanti is starting to look like a good deal???

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    To me, it just means that these used bumpers are expensive. You can purchase a complete new set of Avanti bumpers for $3275. You would not be able to straighten and chrome these used parts for the $775 difference.
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      Originally posted by studegary View Post
      You can purchase a complete new set of Avanti bumpers for $3275.
      Folks who aren't members of the Studebaker Drivers Club are not aware of the availability. They miss all the ads in Turning Wheels.
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        Yep, WAY over priced.


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          A bit of that what makes restoring a cheap Avanti expensive. Repeat for every single part that needs restored or purchased.
          Buy a $3275 Avanti and put $3275 of new bumpers on it and you -might- have a $4000 Avanti. And so on, until it is finished, or you are.
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