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1958 Packard pickup

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  • 1958 Packard pickup

    Hello Folks:
    I am new to this site, and not a Studebaker owner. although we do own a Packard
    I am interested in any info someone may have regarding the pickups built by Studebaker in the middle to late 50's that were for export only.
    They may have been sent to Argentina ?
    any info will be greatly appreciated

    Phoenix Az. (South Bend, Ind.)

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    The Packard trucks have been discussed in the January 1996 issue of the SDC magazine, Turning Wheels, and several books on Studebaker history, including Hall and Langworth. There is a brief discussion of them in chapter 12 of the SDC truck history on the main SDC web site.

    The photos in the above two references show a 3/4-ton, 4WD Packard pickup, yet company production records indicate that the trucks built for Argentina were half-ton units. The pictured truck may have been a prototype or a Stude pickup dressed up with Packard graphics. An analysis of all truck production orders might settle the matter.
    Skip Lackie


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      Thank you Skip Lackie

      the site you gave me answered all my questions and more. very detailed and complete