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  • Hawk bucket seat

    I have a set of 63 Hawk seats for my 53 Commander. They are not reclining seats. I have a couple of questions about these seats.
    Can my seats be modified using original parts to make them reclining seats?
    How adjustable can they be? (Ive not owned a hawk so I’m not sure about the adjustability of the seats.)
    Last question. If my seats can be modified, does anyone have the parts I can purchase?

    Thank you

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    I once got a lot of parts from a Studebaker vendor selling out. In the parts were seat frame parts that were cut from seat frames (not worth storing?)
    I asked about them and was told you could put the portion of the frame onto a non recliner seat frame.

    The seat frames had an extra spot of metal, and a slightly different curve to mount the recliner mechanism on cars that had them. If you get that portion of the seat frame, rumor has it you could weld it in place and have a recliner.

    I have never tried it, not sure if the other end of the seat back needs work to make it work. Has anyone else done this?


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      Years ago a good friend that owned a body shop and was very good at making changes and fixing any thing he wanted to ask me for a set of old junk bucket seats so he could cut them aparts and put the parts needed on his very nice seats when he got every thing done he told me he should have jut found a good use able set and put his covers and padding on it would have been a lot easier. he also said it was a lot more work than he ever figured it would be. my guess to you would to find a good set of seats with the reclining parts and go from there, others might speak up and tell you different but this is what I was told, good luck Frank and hope to see you 53 someday before I pass on.
      Castro Valley,


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        How often are you going to want to sleep in your Car?
        In the 58 years I have been driving these Cars I MAY have reclined back one click 2 or 3 times to park and rest a bit. Laying it back all the way... Never.

        Yes I always thought it was cool to have them, but as I think about it Why?
        It's kinda like the "bragging rights" to say you have the TT Limited Slip Differential, do you drive your Collector car in deep snow or Drag Race it a lot?
        Second Generation Stude Driver,
        Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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          I have taken recliners out of splitbench seats and welded them onto regular buckets. It does to awhile to do it, but it can be done. Like Rich says, just because it can be done isnt reason enough to do it. I did it for the fun, and it was a challenge.


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            Thanks for the input Bob. You’ll get to see it.
            This car will be driven for long distances. I thought it would be nice if the passenger, my lovely wife, would be able to put her seat back a little. How did this topic become about bragging rights and TT rear ends?
            I’d still like to have adjustability to. My seats so if anyone has a set of Hawk seats I’d be interested in them. I’m in the SoCal area. Thank you.


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              Originally posted by StudeRich View Post

              Yes I always thought it was cool to have them, but as I think about it Why?
              1. If there are multiple drivers, each may like a slightly different seat back angle.
              2. On a long trip, I like to vary my seat back position to help avoid fatigue.
              3. As Pancho points out, a passenger may want a different seat position than the driver.
              4. I have pulled into a rest stop and taken a nap on a long drive at night. It's nice to fully (or near fully) recline the seat to be more comfortable.

              If you've ever been through a midwest or east coast winter you'd find out why Studebaker (and other makes) offered TTs. Studebaker buyers were (are) generally a frugal type and bragging rights were probably not part of the rationale.
              Dick Steinkamp
              Bellingham, WA


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                Frank, I think I know where there is a pass. side I can check and see if it is still in the car.
                Castro Valley,


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                  Thanks Dick and Yes to all your points Dick. Thanks Bob. Let me know if you run across one.