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European Studephiles (and others?) Do you recognize this???

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  • European Studephiles (and others?) Do you recognize this???

    Attached you'll find a picture of a number-plate on my early Series 1 Excalibur that spent most of its life in Europe before being repatriated some years ago. It was registered in France and later in Switzerland, with each respective firewall reg. plate removed and the next put in its place (where the factory original had been). All that a very patient Euro SDC member ("Christophe") helped me understand, especially the complex French registration process.

    However, here is the mystery we've yet to solve. Next to the current Swiss plate, toward the center of the firewall is the attached plate. It has a number unrelated to anything on the car... trust me, such is well verified and documented by Alice Preston of Excalibur. Hence, no one seems to have a clue what the pictured plate may have meant, or what it may have been for.

    To describe beyond what the picture displays. The plate is steel and 85mm x 45mm. Apparently it has been machine-stamped by multi-segmented dies from the REAR! Placement of the numerals make it look like there may have been some painted printing on the plate originally. Hence. I did considerable research on Fine Art restoration techniques and did a time-consuming removal of a small section of the gold paint, as shown. However, it was obvious from doing so that at some time the plate had been sand-blasted. Hence, I oh-so carefully removed the rest of the paint in the same manner and verified the sand-blasted finish (apart from a physical scrape a the bottom-left corner). If it ever had other info on it, it is long gone. Dead end???

    I don't know, but I connot believe the pictured plate is a one-off. I think it likely applied in Europe since I've never seen anything similar in the States, though it spent a few years here, in New Orleans, before being shipped to France.

    I have and am still pursuing other avenues, but it's not looking very positive as I write this.

    So, if anyone recognizes this number-plate or has any ideas/leads I can further follow-up on I'd be greatly appreciative! I've about come to the conclusion that some sadistic wag of a previous owner put it on the car to drive me crazy! Thanks, in advance for any insights or guesses, or...???
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