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    What Bo said.

    I had SN-60 on ignore.


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      Ed had sent me a very complimentary post and I wondered what became of him. I always figured anyone who drove an Avanti in snow with studded tires had to be OK, just a little different.


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        It is a shame that this Forum is being employed to engage in character assassination.


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          It is a shame that this Forum is being employed to engage in character assassination.
          That is EXACTLY what SN-60 engaged in. Also he harassed, and denigrated other members. Obviously, you were never his target.
          The only difference between death and taxes is that death does not grow worse every time Congress convenes. - Will Rogers


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            The 'Studebaker "SPECIFIC" Forum' is not an appropriated venue to mount a one sided political attack on anyone's character.
            I do get it that SN-60 rubbed a few of you the wrong way. SN-60 is no longer involved here. SN-60 neither instigated nor contributed anything to this thread.
            Matters of personality conflicts should be confined or moved to Club and Forum Discussions.
            Sometimes, though, opinions conflict about cars, technologies, or other issues. Generally, we Stude-folk are peaceful souls, but the occasional dust-up occurs, even though everyone knows the rules:

            No political or religious debates,
            No personal attacks,
            No foul language.


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              Originally posted by Jessie J. View Post
              It is a shame that this Forum is being employed to engage in character assassination.
              What character assassination??? Sir, until you've stood in the cross hairs of one of this guys many shooting events, you have no idea what "CHARACTER ASSASSINATION" is! Of course, you could take a stroll over to the Avanti site, say something meaningful to the guy and see how long it really takes to become his next victim. Then you could come back and let us know how many bullet holes it took for you to bleed out......

              Joe Friday, "All we want are the facts, ma'am"
              Last edited by Bo Markham; 02-20-2019, 10:12 PM.


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                My father told me years ago that sometimes a closed mouth denotes a wise head. Nuff said.

                Bob Miles
                Pacific Southwest Zone Coordinator.


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                  Is the forum more civil without SN-60, of course it is, but he always had a unique perspective, on almost every subject. Was his attitude geared for the affect he was able to illicit, the answer is again yes, but without his input some of the spice seems to have been watered out of some of the discussions. I don't think that I was ever in his sights,however, like some here were.


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                    I come to this Forum to enjoy discussions about STUDEBAKER vehicles and Studebaker Corporation history.
                    Whoever wants to use this thread to pile on in trash mouthing a person that is not present. Go to it, if that's what you think "General Studebaker-Specific Discussion" is intended to mean.



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                      Originally posted by Bob Langer View Post
                      I have been told I have an SDC Forum Mentality. What is it and how do I know if I have it? Is it dangerous and do I need to get professional help?

                      I replied to a thread, Avanti Recall on the Avanti Forum and the original poster (SN-60) did not like my replies.

                      Do other members have this condition and should I be concerned?


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                      Wouldn't it be nice if Regnalbob occasionally contributed something positive to 'AVANTI TRIVIA', instead of his constant 'nit picking' and seemingly endless criticisms?
                      With his wealth of Studebaker service letters he should be able to come up with MANY interesting trivia questions....but no, he'd rather sit back and leave the work
                      to somebody else.......and that, in my opinion, is really sad.........Bob, leave that SDC Forum mentality behind you!....Cheer up!..................Ed

                      apparently the man in question has been banned, and is now being castigated by some in this posting without any natural justice/ rights/means of reply ? Move on.


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                        Another dull drum........


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                          I had him on ignore so never knew he was gone. The next time it snows I might take my Studebaker Clarke floor buffer out for a spin in his memory...
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