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63 GT Hawk Exhaust

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  • 63 GT Hawk Exhaust

    Was dual exhaust standard on 63 GT Hawks? A friend of mine purchased a 63 GT Hawk from a museum and it has a single exhaust. He was trying to determine if this was stock.

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    All U.S. Built GT Hawks had 289 Engines and Dual Exhausts as Standard Equipment.

    To save the owner money, a Muffler Shop could use a single exhaust system replacement.

    If that was my Car, it would take less than a nano second to decide what to do with it!
    The SOUND of a Studebaker V8 with the right mufflers and Dual Exhausts is like NO other.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Who needs Mufflers?


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        Thanks for the reply. I believe that he will be adding dual exhausts soon. It is an interesting car. It was ordered by a dealer in Portales New Mexico and has a 3 speed overdrive, air, disc brakes, and standard steering. The dealer kept the car until he passed away in 1981.


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          Interesting. I always thought it was strange that my '63 has a 2 barrel carb with dual exhaust. Guess I always equated dual exhaust as a performance package with 4 brl carb. What was the reasoning behind this decision of duals for all? Certainly counter to cutting cost.


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            Dual exhausts were cool in the 50s and 60s, and nearly every manufacturer offered them as either standard equipment or an option with V8 engines. I put them on every car I owned back then (if they weren't already so equipped). I guess you hadda be there.
            Skip Lackie