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Unbelievable restoration going on - STT link

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  • Unbelievable restoration going on - STT link

    Not everyone visits the Studebaker Truck Talk forum, so the opportunity to see some pretty impressive things are missed. STT member named Studebakerkid2000 is restoring his grandfather's 1935 Ace truck. Isn't done, but the amount and type of work is amazing - well worth the read. He has quite a few photos to illustrate his work. Photo below is one example of his work (size on other site is smaller with easier to see)...

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    Very interesting. The guy is quite a craftsman. That truck will surely be something to be proud of, when finished. Parts of his commentary talk about the tough life that the truck had in its working days. It was often overloaded, and used on roads that were in bad condition.


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      That is going to be a very nice truck. I am impressed by the skill of the owner in refurbishing these abused parts. I love reading about this type of restoration.
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        Great story. I need to continue following this project. A man of many talents and obviously a man who will wait as long as it takes to find the right part. It is going to be quite a truck when finished. Wow!


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          That finished wheel is a work of art.
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