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Does anyone know of any fiberglass nose pieces that could be purchased?

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    Never seems to be enough time, money, or space, and always seems to be too much going on. International meets are great but, all of the foregoing are accentuated at those events.

    Great that you have taken it upon yourself to save some of these cars, and in such large numbers. Too few cars are being saved and restored, by our ageing fraternity. Again all for the same reasons above. As much as I hated to see the 54 wagon and the PHs go, I like everyone else had my chance at them. I have been at this a long time, but one of the hardest things to come to grips with was the limits that reality placed on me. I'm far from feeling sorry for myself, in fact I feel very blessed to have the collection that I have, and the time that I've spent with them.-Bill


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      Good on you Bill, enjoy what you have and keep cruising in that fabulous country you live in where there is no restrictions in what you can do to an automobile!
      You mentioned the correct word in your sentence "reality" I have heard it to many times " I gonna do it up one day "
      I only work to buy time.
      Brian Greenall
      Melbourne, OZ


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        I know of parts car with a nose piece here in Michigan.



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          any idea on price?


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            I have two extra Packard Hawk hoods for sale if anyone is interested.
            I also have two PH's that I would sell to someone that would really restore them.
            I have a large hoard of N.O.S. parts for these.
            I wanted to sell them as a pair, since what is missing on one is good on the other one.
            My son is for some unknown reason is opposed to selling them as a pair.
            Since I am old and completely depend on him to take care of me and my wife, I would have to go along even though they are my cars.
            The same deal with two 1957 Golden Hawks that I have for sale.
            Between the two someone can make a nice car and have a pile of extra pars to sell or buy parts to complete.
            People keep asking for pictures but where they are stored it is hard to do.
            This coming spring , I will try to make pictures and a list of all the parts that go with the cars and whatever extra parts I have.
            I will be hibernating until spring and hopefully have the cars ready to be inspected before the South Bend spring meet.
            I have been shipping a few parts for other Studebakers to longtime customers if they are easy
            to locate in my large warehouse.

            I am 100 miles west of South Bend on Interstate 80 in Joliet IL.
            At that time I will have many N.O.S. and used sheet metal parts for sale for pickup only.
            Robert Kapteyn


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              Hopefully will be closing a deal soon on a Packard Hawk here in San Francisco. It’s pretty rough. It has a nose piece but it’s in shambles. Does anybody have a halfway decent nose piece? Thanks much Nick


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                  If you have a nose piece in any condition why not just repair it? Fiberglass is super easy to work with and very forgiving, just grind it down and add more. For that matter, carve a new one from foam and glass over it.

                  If someone were to make a mold and produce the nose and hood, I'd bet the Bonneville guys might be interested, it's even slicker than the '53. Reworking fenders to fit shouldn't be a big deal.

                  "The last time I saw him he had a Chevelle, which his wife seemed to like much better." Makes sense, it's grandmas car. Mine had one, as did every mom when I grew up. It's what I learned to drive in; haven't looked twice at one since. I don't know about anywhere else, but here they're like ***holes, everyone has one.


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                    A sedan nose is completely different than a Hawk nose.
                    Gary L.
                    Wappinger, NY

                    SDC member since 1968
                    Studebaker enthusiast much longer