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  • Turning Wheels 2R-Series Trucks

    I don't know if anyone could possibly help.

    I've started to leaf through my back issues of Turning Wheels in the belief there were 2R-Series feature articles spread across a number of issues of the trucks, pickup, etc.

    Can anyone save me leafing through each month and point me to issues (so long as I'm correct) in which they featured.


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    The Turning Wheels Index shows a series of articles by Fred K. Fox in June, August, October and December 1985; April, June 1986; December 1987; October 1988; and others by Richard Quinn June 1988; and by Clell Ballard May 1989.
    Bill Jarvis


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      Thanks for that Bill, and now I see I don't have issues that go back as far as that.

      No worries, I still looking for a relevant book as a Christmas present to myself!


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        don't they print back-issues?


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          Originally posted by Mrs K Corbin View Post
          don't they print back-issues?
          They don't reprint them, but there are plenty of extras around. Also, I believe that they are available on a disc.

          EDIT: Corrected by another Gary. They are on a thumb drive, not a disc.
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            One solution is to buy the Turning Wheels "digital library" with all the 520 back issues to 1972 plus the earlier club publications back to 1963. It comes on a "thumb drive" for $99, including the detailed index. See the SDC web page for details. It's necessary to have an SDC membership number to buy the collection, but $31/year gets you one.
            Gary Ash
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              If you want paper copies, my brother sells them.

              "In the heart of Arkansas."
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              1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.
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                Every time I've had my eye on a certain Studebaker, I'd dig out one of Fred Fox's issue on that particular model before or after I bought it. It was like reading a factory sales book; every detail thoroughly explained!


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                  June '85 featured 2R trucks. Copies are getting harder to find but I have one for sale if you need it.
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