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Seeking information: 1939-40 Champion parts

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  • Seeking information: 1939-40 Champion parts

    Looking for a source for 1939-40 Champion parts.
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    Hello welcome to the SDC and to the SDC Forum.

    I can tell you what works the best and is what most people do.

    1. Order the Books or CD with the 1939 Era Studebaker Chassis Parts Catalog, Body Parts Catalog and Shop Manual.

    2. After close examination and or disassembly of only one or two systems, look up the needed parts from the pictures, use the picture numbers to look up the Actual Part Number of the part for your year and model.

    Then begin a Web search and a few phone calls of the Studebaker Vendors listing those part numbers and make a list of which ones and from where you would like to purchase them.

    Then you are on your way, but do not disassemble more than you can finish in a given time frame, maybe 6 Months.

    Here is where they are:

    Most all Studebaker Vendors have "Some" Parts that will fit your year and model, but obviously on one that old, not all.

    There are SO many sources for these parts that there is a very good chance that at least the Mechanical Parts and some Body Parts CAN be found.

    Joining the SDC International Organization to receive the Monthly Publication "Turning Wheels" will be a big help, and also join your local Chapter to connect with others that can help with information and Parts.

    Good Luck, what Body Style do you have?
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      In addition to joining the Studebaker Drivers Club, it would be a good idea to join the Antique Studebaker Club. This club specializes in all pre-war (WWII) Studebakers. Each issue has a list of parts for sale, or you can post what parts you need. Rick Peterson, the editor of he Antique Studebaker Review, is a very knowledgeable gentleman who has given me advice over the phone. You can join The Antique Studebaker Club several ways. By mail: P.O. Box 1715< Maple Grove MN 55311-6715; Phone: 763-420-7829; Fax: 763-420-7849; or email: The magazine is published bi-monthly. The membership fee is $35.00 annually and worth every penny. Membership registration for both The Studebaker Drivers Club and The Antique Studebaker Club are handled by Cornerstone Registration, so you can join both at one time. I own a wrecked 1940 Commander, a 1941 Commander (unrestored), a 1941 Champion, and a 1929 Commander Victoria. I just recently acquired the 1929 and found it in an ad in The Antique Studebaker Review. I hope this information has helped you.


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        Originally posted by 6567 View Post
        Looking for a source for 1939-40 Champion parts.
        I've got some stuff. What are you looking for???


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          Post a picture!