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Cylinder heads...any Corbin Walters' out there ?

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  • Cylinder heads...any Corbin Walters' out there ?

    Just wondering.....

    In all of the various V8 head discussions that we've had over the last few years , there
    seem to have been only references to the Walters heads , but no actual racing results, at
    least none that I've seen , particularly in recent times .

    How many were produced , particularly the highest level ?
    Are there any available now ? Been a long time , so maybe someone has a set for sale ?

    Sorry if i've mis-stated anything , or just missed the info .
    I do have the older brochures etc , so I am just interested in the here and now

    Thanks .
    Bill H
    Daytona Beach
    SDC member since 1970
    Owner of The Skeeter Hawk .

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    I raced against a 55 president (K) years ago that had a combo of either the Jet City Heads or a whole engine. It was very fast for a K in full trim and not even set up for racing.
    (see TW Portland International Meet issue circa 92?) Also I think the 1963 Avanti did 197 MPH with those heads and later 200...... TW circa '97 ?

    They are no longer produced but if you ever see a pair in recent times- grab 'em!