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  • Proper distributor setup

    I am about to fire up a Chevy 425HP 427 I finished putting together for a buddies Chevelle years ago. He had my good friend Mike Marinoff (NHRA gas class racer) set up the distributor for the engine. Here is the documentation. Mike setup several hundred distributors for me. I sure miss him (he passed in 2003). Nobody does that service anymore to this degree of detail and thoroughness.This is a Delco window distributor with an Accell dual point conversion. The same could be done with a Studebaker Delco window unit. If I could only find some shop to do it and do it right.
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    james r pepper

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    The magneto guys do a through job, but I doubt they'd take on regulator distributors.
    And with today's timing adjustable MSD boxs that is affordable to most all (both 6 and 7 series boxes), racing/high performance distributors that make, internal, self changes in timing are rapidly going the way of the dinosaur.

    The street guys have been, or will shortly be left to their own whiles with distributors and carburetors.

    I had a chance to buy a good distributor machine a coupla years back. I didn't think it would be worth the money and the space it would take up. Not enough interest by the masses to make it worthwhile.


    P.s. - Hell, even more "normally available and used" engines, some folks still want their heads ported. I tell them it's both cheaper and they'll get a better job done to buy aftermarket heads. Now days, hand porting is also going out of favor except for the "orphan" car type heads.


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      I have a Snap On distributor machine that I keep in good working condition and use on a regular basis to set up the older distributors. If you want to send your distributor out to California, I would be happy to set it up for you. Bud


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        Jim, I had Jakes dual point from the Avanti that I sent to Germany, and all I could do was gap the points and assemble the distributor as best I could. I couldn't find anyone here on the central west coast of Florida that had or had access to a distributor machine. Bud, I'll keep you in mind for future needs, it'll be worth the shipping and your labor costs. Bill


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          Bill, Send me a PM with your contact information if you should need a distributor serviced. Finding anyone that has a working distributor machine and knows how to use it is getting harder by the day as the distributors we use in our Studebakers are now ancient technology. I believe I'm one of the few people in Southern California that still has a working distributor machine. Bud


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            Originally posted by jpepper View Post
            I am about to fire up a Chevy 425HP 427 I finished putting together for a buddies Chevelle years ago.
            So James, if you can forgive my curiosity, and don't mind me asking? Is this 427" staying with the Chevelle, or is there some other plan for it?


            S2Deluxe = (5H - C3).


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              The 427 will go into a very nice 72 Chevelle. It's a lifelong friends car now powered by a 350. The BB does fit the stand made from a Lark front frame section real nice.
              james r pepper