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    Ran across this old picture (circa1986) of my daughter and I getting our fresh cut tree up in Salem, Or. We sure put our wagonaire to many good uses. For a point of reference, I am 6’6”. The car is a 65 Commander that still resides somewhere in Portland.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Good use of that sliding roof!

    When I had my '66 I looked high and low for a big stuffed teddy bear to put in the back for car shows. That would have delighted the kids, for sure.

    I used to let kids climb the ladder into the back, and parents would take pix of the kids waving. It was great.
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      That car does make you look big. Would you tell us a little bit about the car? Any other stories? What does you daughter remember about the car and tree?


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        It might be a bit of trouble, however well worth the effort to send a little write-up of the day and include a good scan of the pic to TW for a mini article. Pity the truck in the background isn't an older model or in better condition. The picture could have been taken in the sixties or early seventies otherwise. Or have that appearance anyway.

        Oh, by the by; thanks for sharing the pic and memory. Love the wagon and the pic!

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          There is a good chance it belongs to one of our SDC members in the Portland area. It may have been painted. It might be fun to see if we can find out who now owns it.
          Any Northwest Chapter members care to comment?
          Great photo, by-the-way.
          Ed Sallia
          Dundee, OR

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            It does belong to a Northwest Chapter member...


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              The car was originally sold by Courtsey Motors in Corvallis to a man in Albany, OR. I was the second owner, and had it for at least 5 years. 3 speed with OD, 283. I sold it to purchase a 1965 Daytona, auto, same color. I would be interested in talking to the current owner.