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TW December delivery

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  • TW December delivery

    Some people complain that issues get lost in the mail are late in delivery.....this morning I received 2 December issues. Both accurately addressed. First time that ever happened.
    Mike Sal

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    This Thanksgiving week has been so busy that I have not had time to take mine out of the plastic wrapper. Correction...I have not TAKEN the time to open it. In fact, I know I got it early this week but have already forgotten what day. So many of us have complained about not getting it sooner in the past...and I hope my tiny brain will at least have enough decent decorum to not be critical while leaving it unopened and unread.

    So...from my small hilltop empire in hillbilly land...THANKS TO ALL THE HARD WORKING TURNING WHEELS STAFF & CONTRIBUTORS!!!!
    John Clary
    Greer, SC

    SDC member since 1975


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      Now you have a spare copy to pass on to a car guy that may want to get into Studebakers.
      I leave many old car magazines in the VA hospital waiting rooms, and they usually don't last long.