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  • Studebaker Pedal Car

    Can anyone date this for me or give me any info on it I know they were made in Italy ??? Have only seen two others with the semaphore indicators (google images)

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    What a great find , I have always looked for one myself I believe this is around mid 50s from Itlay

    Joe Parsons


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      They were also made in Russia: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...her-quot-pilot




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        I am no expert (by a long shot) on pedal cars but I do have an interest. For my '48 Business Coupe, I have a matched color Murray Champion pedal car that was patterned after the '47-'49 Studebakers. Also, I have another Murray pedal car that I modified to match my '55 Truck by cutting the nose off and adding a crude grille and I cut the rear to install a dual wall pickup bed with a working tailgate.

        Unlike Diecast cars, pedal cars are more like caricatures of the cars they represent, and therefore do not have to be exact replicas. So the makers used some creativity in producing them.

        I would love to have a Bullet Nose pedal car to display with my Land Cruiser. Two manufacturers come to mind regarding Bullet Nose pedal cars. One is Moskvich (Soviet Russia), and the other is Giordani, (Italy).

        As far as I know, there were no U.S. manufactured Bullet Nose pedal cars.

        I keep my pedal truck displayed with the truck and this time of year a stuffed Snoopy doll dressed in his goggles & Santa hat occupies the driver's seat while hauling a Christmas tree. He was a big hit at our family Thanksgiving gathering yesterday.
        Click image for larger version

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        John Clary
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          Always enjoy the pedal cars. Especially enjoy seeing the Larkette!
          And for the upcoming season...a Packard!Click image for larger version

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            My Granddaughter Isley's 1st 'Studebaker', last Christmas. (Note the Studebaker logo on the front fender). Click image for larger version

Name:	Isley's 1st 'Studebake' 448 x 336.jpg
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                You can see this one in Checkpoint:
                It was filmed in 1956 in Italy.
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