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Avanti window frame replacement

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  • Avanti window frame replacement

    Looking for info, videos or other related info on replacing Avanti front window frame.
    The one we have is in need of repair, but we have a good one from the parts car. So, we are looking for info from anyone who has done this horrific job for help and consultation and a shoulder to cry on, as we try to determine which way to go.
    Thanks in advance.

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    All I can do is wish you luck and hope that you have time on your hands. One of the main things to look out for is the wiring going up through the driver's side A-pillar. Just disassemble the frame to where it doesn't need to be replaced and then go nuts backwards .
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      Thanks for the reminder on the wiring. That would have been a not so friendly discovery when cutting.
      That is good advice. We found some rust at the upper part of the steel frame above the passenger side. Seems a bit of an unusual spot for that sort of rust, but I suppose it goes where it pleases.
      And, btw, we are just looking for a "heads up" on what to look out for.
      Is there a row of rivets across the top of the frame where the fiberglass meets the steel? I don't want to do any damage just to look for certain attachment points. That just looks like a logical means of construction. And that's how the fiberglass top is connected to the A pillar.
      At this point, it appears we can cut out and reweld in the needed pieces without tearing out the whole thing. But we have just a little more digging to do.
      And again, thanks for the info.


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        Here's a pic I remember of Bill Brandts burned out car. It shows the frame completely. Pretty hot fire to take out all the soft metal too.

        Click image for larger version

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          That is a very helpful picture. I was concerned that there might be a cross bar which connected the front window frame to the roll bar. That does not appear to be the case.