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Anybody have one of these clocks?

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  • Anybody have one of these clocks?

    These clocks were made from wood recycled from Bldg. 58 during demolition. Mine finally quit working and I had to replace the quartz movement. The new movement has a sweep second hand.

    clock.frt.jpg clock.bk.jpg

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    Mine came with a sweep second hand, as delivered. The face and bezel are the same as your's.
    Interesting, ALMOST...the same clock..!

    I wish it were larger, maybe 1-1/2 times or so larger.


    P.s. - Can't read your serial number, mine is #318


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      It looks to be #16 Mike.
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      Ron Smith
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        Mine, #34, came with a second hand. still working.
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          I don't have one, but remember seeing the ads. There were 2 styles, the other being more a vertical slab with rounded top. A poor substitute is a import plastic wall clock from SASCO I got at the last swap held in the old buildings before moving to the Engineering building. Still works, but the white plastic is yellowing now.
          Jeff in ND


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            I have clock #343. Normally, it just sits on the shelf and keeps time, but late at night, strange things happen...

            Studebaker clock 343.jpg
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