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    I believe we all know how often there are our cars in films, but what about in books? I'm reading "True Confessions" by John Gregory Dunne, from which the film was adapted. There are numerous mentions of them scattered around the book, perhaps to help create the environment of immediate post-war America. know of any? Post them, please.
    peter lee

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    George Pelecanos has written a series of detective/mystery stories set on the seamier side of Washington DC (no politicians or lobbyists mentioned). In order to capture the culture of the city and the nature of the protagonists, he always describes things like clothing and cars in considerable detail. He also places the events at city sites, bars, and restaurants that really did exist at the time. He obviously does a lot of research (or really knows cars) as I've never found a mistake. Unfortunately for us Stude nuts, his stories are mostly set shortly after Studebaker quit the car business -- so I haven't seen them mentioned yet. Very good stories BTW.
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    Skip Lackie


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      I seem to recall a Studilac mention in a James Bond story. Also recall a 53 K in a J. A. Jance mystery.
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        In the Bond books it was the FBI man that had the Studilac


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          "Driving Blind" by Ray Bradbury is about the clever way a Studebaker Salesman sold his cars. Great short story.
          Ed Sallia
          Dundee, OR

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            Thanks. I shall read it forthwith!
            peter lee