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  • American Mercedes Design Study

    Has anyone run across this? Studebaker actually considering a Mercedes Benz American designed and built automobile? Could this have been a Packard study? The car looks similar to the Packard Predictor.

    This art is described as

    Original conceptual styling art rendering , 19.5 x 25.5 , watercolor on illustration board , not signed . Produced by the William Schmidt Design Studio, Detroit, Michigan. This car appears to be similar to Buicks of the time. Schmidt's client was the Studebaker, Packard, Mercedes Benz of America Corporation and they may have been contemplating producing a Mercedes Benz aimed at the United States market.
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    Neat find, assuming William Schmidt is the same Bill Schmidt of Packard fame, he likely opened his own design studio and did the rendering as a "spec" hoping to sell the idea and get a design contract, in this case from M-B.

    Living in the Detroit area we see these sometimes at antique shops or shows, the design community here in Michigan was very active in the 40's, 50's, 60"s...probably because of all the design jobs lost at Packard, Hudson, Kaiser, Studebaker.
    Nash etc. these talented people opened their own shops.

    These renderings from time to time seem to pop up for resale, I've never seen the one you attached, it clearly could be Bill Schmidt's work.


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      It is fortunate that that thing did not get built.
      Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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        Bill Schmidt did the design for the 1956 Lincoln before he left for Packard. Here is a link for a Hemming Article written by William Schmidt.

        Bob Miles


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          Thank you for the info. It looks like Bill Schmidt was in charge of design at Studebaker at the time based on this article about the Predictor.


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            Gord; remember some of the 50 and early 60's models like the 58 Buick or 62 Plymouth, it might have been all the rage..................