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ID:	1759533Do these show up very often, and are they very cheap? The 45 rpm record is still inside with 2 songs on each side.

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    I not only have the Record, but also the RCA Stereo that the record is for.

    It is shown on the cover. Dad won it for selling the most Studebakers in 1960.
    These first generation RCA Dual Channel Orthophonic High Fidelity Stereo's with the demo record were given away to top Salesmen at all Dealerships, or at least most.

    On the RCA Demo record, a person walks across a room so you can actually Hear the Stereo effect from the Main Cabinet Speaker over to the Remote Speaker.

    The records probably exist only in Richard Quinn's Collection and very few others.
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      I bought a Studebaker record at South Bend in 2017, but will have to find it and see if it's the same one.


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        Yes, I have a few dozen of those records around (in original box sent to dealer) but have not seen them for some time. They have never been played. Have many records for accompanying filmstrips back in the 1930s and '40s (actually up to 1956). Also many, many radio commercials in the late 40s up to mid 1950's. There were also a few long play 45 records given out in the 1960s as dealer promotional items (these played popular music of the era and had compliments of Studebaker on the jacket). A few samples below. Have many more.
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          That Pat Suzuki record isn't all that rare. There's a couple on ebay right now.


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