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1962 Hawk Rough Ride

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  • 1962 Hawk Rough Ride

    Sometime back I posted how bad my Hawk rattled and how rough the ride was. After attending to a number of other items on the car I decided to hunt down rattles in the after part of the car...found them! discovered the leaf springs shackles were resting on the frame and the bushings were not there and previous owner had merely inserted new #8 shackle bolts. One spring was flat and the other convex. Ordered new springs and bushings and now fly down the bumpy road happy as a Hawk. FYI the springs come with new bushings installed.

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    Were they from Detroit Eaton, the OEM Mfg. of Studebaker Original Springs?
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      If they were from a qualified and capable source, I don’t know if it matters who made them.
      In the Portland area, we have a source for replacement rear leaf springs. They have been in business a long, long time.
      Just tell them the year and model of your Studebaker and they will make your springs to their recorded specifications.
      I know several Studebaker owners who have installed their new springs and they are very pleased. Another example of installing a new part on an old car to make it seem new again!


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        Another spring supplier in the east is Palmer Spring in Providence, RI as they have the technical specs for virtually every spring manufactured in this country from the mid 1800's.

        They do it all!


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          I ordered them from Studebaker International and Eaton made them.