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Engine number vs. vehicle number, 1957 Transtar

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  • Engine number vs. vehicle number, 1957 Transtar

    I just bought a 1957 Transtar, in need of a lot of work, but completely intact. I checked the engine number (it's a small I-6) IEI 3387 with a body number E5 126149. Shouldn't they be the same number?

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    No, the body, engine, and serial numbers are 3 different items.


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      That numbers matching thing must have happened sometime in the late 1970's or later, it's no problem on '60's Vehicles.

      1E is a 170 c.i.d. (Champion) small Six code. The Engine Number is 13387 (I = 1)
      The Truck Model is a 3E for a 1957 or 1958, 5 for a 1/2 Ton small Six Truck.
      Your Serial Number is 126149.

      The Title should probably say "VIN" Number: E512649.

      None are the Cab Number, not that it matters, but IT is on the Other I.D. Plate, on the Left Rear door post (Latch Post).

      The Studebaker National Museum in South Bend Indiana has the Production Orders filled by Serial Number, and you can purchase a Copy here:

      This will give you City the Truck was delivered to, sometimes the Dealer Name, and the Equipment installed, Accessories, Paint Colors, Key Numbers, Date Assembled, Ordered and Shipped etc.
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        In the 1950s, many states registered/titled vhicles by the engine number and not the Serial Number (no VIN as such).
        Other than that qualifier, I agree with what as been posted.

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          Yup, Okieland did my 2R5 that way. I ended up taking a blank plate and stamping the engine number on it for a VIN.