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  • Part identification help.

    I discovered these headlamp and bucket assemblies in a bunch of parts that I acquired. The were marked 1952 Studebaker, which I think is correct. That appear to be NOS with some shelf wear, but very nice. The retaining ring is missing on one assembly, but I see that they are available. I do not Have a 52 Chassis parts catalog and they don't appear in the body catalog. Any experts confirm that these belong on a 52?
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    As soon as I saw them I thought they look like the headlamp assemblies on my 52 Land Cruiser.


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      Yes; 1952 only. And probably of no concern, since you have the parking lenses with the buckets, there were two different parking lens configurations and they would only fit the buckets they were designed for. I don't recall anyone commenting on the two different lenses, let alone conjecture on why the change was made.
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