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Kodus out to Northwest Studebaker for there help and support ..

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  • Kodus out to Northwest Studebaker for there help and support ..

    I was at Tacoma for the International meet and had a fantastic time with my 1962 Studebaker Hawk .. After the meet I drove the Hawk out to the Oregon coast where I spent a week with my parents enjoying fresh seafood, beach walking, beers and sunshine .. On my way home the Hawk slowly started to run rough to the point of barely running in Spokane Washington .. I was stranded .. Found Silver Star Auto that was willing to work on the car but had no idea where to get parts .. I Knew where to get parts and contacted Rich Gahlbeck and his two sons for parts and help .. Parts were sent overnight and the car was up and running the next day .. Rich even went over and above to help the mechanic over the phone with help on installation of said parts .. He supplied his sons phone numbers for help if needed.. Thanks again for your help Northwest Studebaker .. Im home and the Hawk is in the garage waiting for its clean up after a long journey..

    Thanks again Rich, Mike and Dave Gahlbeck

    Fernie BC Canada
    Love my Lark

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    You really gotta be careful who you socialize with at those burger joints down in Tacoma...
    Who knew we'd cross paths so many times during the Meet?
    And to have been in a position to help you out over a week later?


    It's a small StudeWorld.

    Seriously-- I'm sure Mike and Dad were glad to have helped.
    It's what Studebakers Northwest is about.

    StudeDave '57
    US Navy (retired)

    3rd Generation Stude owner/driver
    SDC Member since 1985

    past President
    Whatcom County Chapter SDC
    San Diego Chapter SDC

    past Vice President
    San Diego Chapter SDC
    North Florida Chapter SDC


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      I would hit the LIKE button in an instant, if this Forum had this feature.



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        Some wild and crazy guys hanging out at the Tacoma meet hey Dave ?? It was great meeting you guys in person ..
        It was also great to get a visit in with you to Craig ..
        Really looking forward to more Studebaker meets in the future ..
        Love my Lark


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          Good to hear that you're putting some miles on the GT, and that nothing serious went wrong with it. Catching-up with a buddy of mine last week and he mentioned there was a nice red GT that caught his eye at a recent show and shine in Fernie...figured that must have been yours. Not a great Stude season for me, but did get car out and about for a few hundred mile. cheers, junior
          1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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            Hey Greg .. Good to hear you got your car out for a few cruises .. Its important to get the Studebakers out and in the public eye .. I have been trying to get to more all type car shows as there are so very few Studebakers at them .. The Hawk at the Fernie show had to have been mine as there were only 2 Studebakers at that show .. The city of Fernie has a well restored 1928 Big Six Studebaker fire truck that they use very frequently in local events .. Lots of small items on the hawk I need to address before any long travel though .
            Love my Lark