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    I am busy working on a 57 Clipper. Just back from National and there was a very nice 57 Clipper there. It was not 100% original. The engine was blue. Mine had paint on it ; it was the silver aluminum color. I believe the aluminum color is correct. What say you, correctpoliceman?

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    1957 engine color was a blue, I believe the silver was used starting in 1958.
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      MOST 1957 engine blocks and heads were the turquoise blue.

      Late in 1957 model year production, on a date and/or serial number(s) probably lost to time because there wasn't any reason to note them, engine blocks became silver. Silver was continued through the 1958 model year and beyond.

      So, yes; it is possible to correctly restore a late-production 1957 Studebaker or Packard Clipper with a silver engine block and cylinder heads. If a car is late production and has its original engine in it, certainly there has to be some place, somewhere on the block that would have a trace of that block's original color. BP
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        My '57 Clipper Wagon engine (LS1214) was Turquoise so when I resealed it etc. it's back to turquoise and IMHO, looks pretty good and also unique. I can't recall if the paint came from or SI but I'm sure either can supply the correct color shade.


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          Thanks Bob. There was not a trace of turquiose pant any where on engine or trans but there was silver paint. I don't believe it had been messed with (factory standard bearings ) I did not know that some 57's had silver paint.