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    I think redlines look great.Click image for larger version

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    Studebaker content --- the tires are sharing garage space with the '35 Commander in the foreground.



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      I agree that redlines look good on some cars, like Tom's Jaguar or certain muscle cars. I just don't see them as a "fit" for a 1964 Daytona, but do what makes you happy.
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        When I was at the International Meet in Tacoma, I was specifically looking at wheels and tires, since I'm thinking about installing some aftermarket wheels on my Daytona. These are some photographs of Steve and Janet Hedke's 1964 Daytona hard top, the one they've driven in The Great Race. It has BF Goodrich red line tires on reproduction Halibrand wheels. It's not a white car, but this may give you an idea of what they may look like.

        The 64 convertible has the same style Halibrands, but black wall tires. The wheels have red pinstripes which catch the eye. I'm sure black walls cost a lot less than red lines.

        Click image for larger version

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        Mark L


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          Back in the late 1970's, I was offered a deal on a set of red lines and put them on my black '62 four-speed GT Hawk. For that GT, red interior, and the stock wheels with the red center of those wheel covers I thought the red lines matched up and looked just fine. But, like all tires, they eventually wore out. By replacement time, there were no red lines in I went with whitewalls, and I believe they were on the car when I sold it. Back then, the cool factor was more about the car...not the tires.
          John Clary
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            Originally posted by Buzzard View Post
            Your choice and as stated, it's only tires which can be quickly changed to anything else.
            To be really different another 1965 period correct option could be Goodyear Speedway Blue Streak or BF Goodrich BlueLine.
            Yup, you read my 63 white Avanti will have blue lines like the Goodyears on it next summer. Expensive but worth it, I will tell the car show guys that Studebaker bought the tires and the 289 from Ford!


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              Red line tires

              [QUOTE=T-CAB;1126722]I have a white '64 Daytona that will be ready for the road next spring. I was wondering how it would look with Red lines tires. Has anyone used them. I no they were no standard in '64

              I have them on my '63 Avanti (with custom wheels) and on my '53 Commander with original Ansen wheels and get very favorable reviews from car show people.

              Jim Ober


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                Goodyear Blue Streaks:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	GT Wagon Pres LC Redondo2.jpg
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ID:	1723782 The '63 GT Hawk with Avanti Jet Thrust R1 Engine and Power Shift that I sold in 1972 (really miss that one!)
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                  The red line tires were called Tiger Paws, right?
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                    Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires were a mainstream tire for all cars, not exclusively a performance car tire, therefore were available in white walls.