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Not so great driving my Studebaker to work.

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  • Not so great driving my Studebaker to work.

    I had a not so great driving your Studebaker to work day. I go out and open the door and the brake lights come on. They go out when I close it. I'm scratching my head over this. The old Champ started okay, but it ran rough to work. When I tried to start it after work, the battery was too low to even click the solenoid. Good thing the parking lot is inclined so that I could roll start it. I then got to watch the add-on voltmeter climb from under 10 to over 12. It runs rough on the way home and real horrible off idle response, including dying a couple of times at a steep stoplight, even in granny low. It's good that the Champ as been upgraded to a 90 amp alternator to charge that battery up really fast. I get home and turn off the key and the engine keeps running. I put it in overdrive and pop the clutch to kill it. I'm thinking that the key switch is causing the not turning off and the low battery problem. The next thingie is finally dialing in that AFB. I wish I had some mentoring on carburetors back 40 years ago when I was a teen. Or was smart enough to take better advantage that Grandpa Skow had the Allis-Chalmers dealership with a several experienced mechanics working for him. I'm going to start another thread about the electrical problems.

    Well, I got it home and improvised a jump start.
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    I think i'd tackle the electrical problem first as you may have had a visitor (mouse) eat up some wiring. that will cause all kinds of problems, including running rough, the electrical problems you describe to include a batter that mysteriously runs down, and even a fire.