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GT Hawk Brakes - Advice Needed

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  • GT Hawk Brakes - Advice Needed

    I am the proud owner of a 1963 Stude GT Hawk. I sent out the brake booster for repair and it was never returned. (bummer) Its been sitting in my garage under a car cover about 4 years. I am not much of a mechanic but I am ready to get it on the road. After hearing about the brake failures on these I am considering a brake conversion is this necessary? Do you know of any repair shops in the Metro Detroit area that's reputable and knows how to work on Stude's. I would appreciate any advice. Just joined the site.

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    Does it have disc brakes? If so, I have a "spare" F type booster that needs rebuilding or can be used as a core. SI also sells a repop F type booster but I don't know if it can be made to work on drum brake cars. You can also replumb the brake system to work without the Hydrovac, I know it's been done often and most people don't miss the booster. If you are looking for a way to convert to a dual system, that's a whole 'nother story....


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      Montez, I moved this to the General forum with an edited title. Welcome to the forum; hope you can get your Hawk on the road soon!

      As you post more here, please remember to be as descriptive as possible in your thread titles - the better they read, the more readers you'll get!

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        If you have all drum brakes. . . I got one of the new boosters from Stude International for my 62 drum brake Hawk and it worked well. Doesnn't take a lot of mechanical skill to plumb it in. I think bleeding was actually more work than putting the new booster in.

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          Thanks for responding! My stude has disk on the front and drums on the back. I am new to the Studebakers Drivers Club learning to navigate my way around the site.


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            I appreciate the info!


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              My advise would be to rebuild (all components are readily available) your existing Girling/Dunlop Disc brakes as they were designed for a Jaguar MK 10 which is almost 1000 lbs heavier and also they were used successfully racing at Lemans.
              If you want even more stopping power I can supply the link to a supplier for the 2 1/4" caliper pistons (stock are 2 1/8") which I also obtained.
              Once returned to "as new", it is a very well thought out, durable system far overkill for the average driver. Don't be too quick to negate it.


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                Actually after making over 29,000 Posts here, I don't remember any "Chronic" failures mentioned here, just the normal old Car worn out, needs repair thing usually from non-use.
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