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    Hi - new guy here . . .

    I saw my 1st Avanti in 1963 at age 14, in Hagerstown, Md. at Fleigh (sp?)(pronounced "Flay") Motors, and I have been itching to own one since then. Now, 55 years later, I am thinking seriously about scratching that itch.

    But first, a short story about my little Avanti search . . . Yesterday I wrote an email to Brad Bez to just see if he had or knew of one for sale. That was my 1st ever inquiry re: an Avanti.

    Today, out of the blue, I got an email claiming there was a 1963 low mileage (33K) Avanti for sale. Quite the coincidence, eh? The email was purportedly from a Roger Cooper. His email indicated "classicspower77."

    Does anybody know who Roger Cooper is? I Googled him and got nothing. Has anyone else heard from him about an Avanti for sale that sounds a little too good to be true?

    If not, then it appears he is up to no good . . . so fair warning . . .

    So, anyway, I am not looking for a work of art or necessarily a numbers matching car. Just a good driver that wouldn't break the bank (or, at least, no too badly). A 4 speed 63 or 64 would be great, but an early Avanti II would probably fit the bill, too.

    I don't own a Studebaker, but my Dad had a string of them. I remember a mid-50s pickup truck, a 1958 Commander, and a 1960 Lark. And I think he had a sedan right after the War and before I was around.

    Anyway, I have already enjoyed reading about Avanti and Studebakers on this site, and thought I would join in the fun.

    Mike Seibert
    Barre, Vermont

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    Welcome to the SDC Forum! I suggest that you also try over on the AOAI Forum (Avanti). Good luck in your search. I have owned three new and used Avantis and worked on many more, but own none today (I am also looking, but not competition - I am looking for newer).
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

    SDC member since 1968
    Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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      Welcome and congratulations on your appreciation of great design. The Avanti is probably more bling for the buck than anything on the market today. Everyone who sees one recognizes it as unique. They love it or hate it, but can't ignore it.

      jack vines


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        Welcome! I got the Avanti Jones when I saw one in the mid-60's. It took me until about 2005 to buy my first one, an 83. It was followed up by a 74 with 4-speed.

        I can't judge your budget nor mechanical skills but I like to modify mine so I do all my own work and start out with lower priced SBC engined ones as that's my knowledge base.

        If you want to start with a nice 63/64 4-speed in driveable/show condition you are in the $20-30k range. Probably a few grand less for a II in similar shape with a four speed. Be aware 74 was the last year for the II four speeds.

        Here's the Ebay listing for Avanti's currently for sale. There is a nice 63 four speed for sale.

        Be sure you have someone familiar with Avanti's inspect the car as they have some weak spots.

        Take a while, ask the questions you are currently and access your skills and budget against what you want to drive.

        They are a lot of car for the money but be sure you get the right one for you.

        Avanti, Bob


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          You should try to make contact with Dave Kinney, he is in Great Falls, VA and is a collector and flipper of Avanti's. If you Google him he will come up as an Appraiser specializing in diminished value I think. He is knowledgeable and I think decent guy who has given me some good advice over the last couple years. I am very high on Brad Bez he is extremely knowledgeable about the cars and runs a good operation. I think he is buried in restoration work and may be a little slow getting back to you. He has a couple of the AOAI guys that help him out in his shop and I am sure are wired to the market. Lastly look in both the Studebaker Drivers Club and AOAI magazines as there are always cars for sale there. If you don't know these cars well get someone to help you before you buy to make sure the car is solid, some repairs can be expensive.


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            OK - I got another email from my friend Roger Cooper who says he has a '63 Avanti for sale. I can't really understand the specifics of the arrangements he is describing, but it sounds mighty convoluted, and the warning bells and whistles are going off in my head. He sent pictures of a great looking R2 Avanti but I don't think this thing is real. Anybody got an opinion?

            Here is the text of his email:

            "I have attached a full set of pictures for you. Please check them. Due to the nature of my work, I am restricted to phone call as I am currently offshore. I can only communicate via email at the moment and I hope you understand. But I can give you the phone # for the sale representative. The car was fully restored 5 years ago, frame off restoration. Everything is working properly. Is free to rust, pets, smoke and accidents. The paint is flawless no dents or cracks and the chrome is like new. Was kept only inside. Mechanical no problems. Underneath very clean no rust or leaks. On the interior everything is working properly and is very clean.

            I would like to thank you for your interest in buying my car and also to clearly some things first of all.
            The reason why I'm selling it is a divorced settlement...I must share everything with my ex. I am very mad on this situation but I don't have any options, she will get most of the money. Priced for a quick sale. Because I'm dedicated to my career a third party company is the best choice for us. They will protect both of us in this transaction. I know it's been advertised in a few areas but the car is in Kettle Falls, WA crated and ready to go. I arranged for the sale before I left the country so my presence won't be necessary. They are supervising the entire sale process from payment, shipping with a inspection period (7 days), title(clear) transfer service or/and (if needed) returns and refunding. As for the payment we can start a transaction through the shipping company where I'm already registered. You will have to register too on their website, then you have to contact me to start the transaction. If you are serious about buying the car, shipping/handling is included in the price. You will only pay the car price.
            If you want to move forward please contact me back so we can get the ball rolling. Don't let this beauty go away !!"




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              Sounds sketchy.


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                Run away. Too many alarm bells.
                Skip Lackie


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                  You mention it's from your friend, Roger Cooper?


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                    I would steer clear of this, but if you want to string him along, at least get the Serial Number (someone here or at AOAI can tell you who the car really belongs to).
                    Gary L.
                    Wappinger, NY

                    SDC member since 1968
                    Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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                      Tell him that you have spoken to a couple of knowledgeable Avanti experts and they have give you some areas to look for that are problematic to only Avanti's. Ask if he will allow an inspector to look at the car or would he provide pictures of the problem areas.

                      Bet you don't hear from him again. If you do either have it inspected or we will provide you with specific areas to photograph. Chances he won't have those photos if he's a scammer. If you get the required photos it might be worth more effort.

                      Before anything else have him provide the body tag number either 63R-xxxx or R-xxxx is the form it will be in, particularly in a picture. There are a lot of resources to track down Avanti's when you have the number.

                      Or just walk, your call. Bob


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                        If you cannot speak to him in person walk away. The grammar and sentence structure alone sets off alarms. Offshore? What does that mean? Third Party? I agree, tell him you want to inspect it. You will not hear from him again.
                        51 Studebaker Starlight State Commander Coupe
                        53 Studebaker Starlight Regal Commander Coupe
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                        59 Renault 4CV


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                          Thanks for all of the advice.

                          My reference to Roger Cooper as my "friend" was a little joke . . . I have no idea who this guy is.

                          I think I will write back to him and say I need to see not only serial numbers but proof of ownership of that Avanti.

                          I agree the English in the email is weird . . . part of the reason my alarm bells were sounding.


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                            This is certainly a scam. Note that all his comments about the car are generic. No mention of usual Avanti trouble spots. Anyone trying to sell you an Avanti will mention the condition of the hog troughs, whether the fiberglass is showing any cracks etc.
                            Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

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                            50 Champion 2 door*
                            53 Commander K Auto*
                            53 Commander K overdrive*
                            55 President Speedster
                            62 GT 4Speed*
                            63 Avanti R1*
                            64 Champ 1/2 ton

                            * Formerly owned


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                              I have a REAL 63 Avanti for sale, it's in Virginia and is part of a disposal of an 11 car collection. Currently have my 57 Golden Hawk on Ebay, with the 63 Avanti to be listed in the next few days. If you are interested you may call 804 776 6215 and get into specific detail of its frame off restoration. Sent only 2 pic, car spent its entire life in Virginia and was traced to original owner family.
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