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Welcome to Tacoma and Stude Truck Farmer Dinner notes.....

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  • Welcome to Tacoma and Stude Truck Farmer Dinner notes.....

    This morning's weather report suggests a beautiful week is in store for everybody. The temperature is finally in the normal range, most of the forest fire smoke has dissipated and there is little chance of rain. You will see lots of shorts and tee-shirts at the convention. The nights are getting somewhat cooler so if you plan to be out and about, a light jacket or sweater should be enough. See the link for this morning's 10 day forecast.

    On behalf of the Stude Truck Farmers from that..... other forum... we still have space for our Truck Farmer's Dinner scheduled for Friday, Aug 31, @ 5:30 in downtown Tacoma. I will not monitor this forum starting Monday morning so send me an email, txt or call for reservation info or get in touch as soon as you get to town. I'll send you the details. orthdw (at), 253.350.3555.

    Looking forward to to the meet,

    David Orth
    Sumner, WA
    Sumner, WA