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    Hi all--

    Couple weeks ago at the Peggy Sue's cruise, Janice Barrick surprised me by saying that she was fairly sure she'd seen my former '62 Lark at a garage in their home town of Dunnville; within a few days they'd spotted the car again, at a cruise-in in Port Colborne, and got pix that confirm it was indeed my old Betty didn't get parted-out, as I had feared might happen. Looks like at least some of the body work was done by the fellow in Port Colborne to whom I sold the car, and he then resold it this past April, apparently to a gent in Dunnville which is where the car is now being repeatedly spotted. Bob Barrick spoke with the new owner at the cruise, and found out the safety had been done on the car that very day (safety cert then straight to a cruise-in: a man after my own heart!). Another pic Bob sent shows that the car is now riding on old-school Cragar mags, and the aft end no longer sits low, so the springs have been done. I'm keen to see the car firsthand, especially the repairs that must have been performed on the right front. The floor pans have reportedly been replaced also, which would've been an excellent idea, and the wackily-mounted front seat has been properly straightened out. Pix will eventually follow once I've lensed the old gal again myself. For now, I'm just thrilled to bits that what I wanted to happen to the car is exactly what has now happened...Betty lives on!

    (If I ever get into better fiscal shape and then see the car for sale, guess what'll happen pretty quick...)

    Steve T

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    What? You mean Ugly Betty is not ugly anymore!
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      In the pix I've seen, she looks at least as good as the best cosmetic shape I ever had her in, and far, far better than the final couple years she was mine...still very recognizeable though with the interior blue replicated on the outside of the car, the only one I've ever seen like that...


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        My Lark having been spotted more than once at the downtown Port Colborne Thursday night cruise, I decided this past Thursday after work to drive down there in the hope she'd be there this time. She was. Took a bunch of pix, of course, and chatted with the new owner for about 40 minutes at the end of the cruise. He's a young guy (23), the nephew of the gent I sold the car to a year ago; between them they did all the needed work to get the Lark roadworthy again and the new owner is regularly driving the car to shows...exactly what I wanted to see happen with the car. I'm awfully to see and lens my old '65 again too...but I had the Lark ten years, and was more attached to that car than to any other I've ever driven...



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          Link to FB post with some pix...



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            Glad you finally tracked her down

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              You and Janice had quite a bit to do with that! Thanx...