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1950 Land Cruiser Driver's Window Suddenly Stuck Half Way Up

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  • 1950 Land Cruiser Driver's Window Suddenly Stuck Half Way Up

    I've never had a problem with my Studebaker windows, and never had my door panels off. All of a sudden on Tuesday my driver's window hit a hard spot half way up. Then on Wednesday at the VFW old car night, it was almost impossible to roll it up. Even pulling up on the glass didn't help, but I finally forced the handle to get it closed. It hit a tough spot half way up. Seems strange how it went from OK to this bad in just two ups and downs. Side felts look good.
    Has anyone run into this before?
    Just wondering if I should have a good window regulator on hand before I take the door apart?

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    I am betting the lower run has the felt wadded up. the lower run is around a foot long and is held to the door by two bolts on either end

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      The door panel will have to come off, but use the right tool to not damage the clips. The regulator comes out quite easy by removing about 4 screws and the clips that retain the glass, they are behind the regulator and you can't see them but they will swivel enough to get a screwdriver in an pop them out, they are soft clips and may pull out by hand. You can jam the glass up in the frame or remove it. With the regulator on the floor of the door the glass will turn sideways and can be removed up and out then the regulator can be removed, it may need cleaning and re-greasing.