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Name:	Nose Trim.jpg
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ID:	1758325 Just wondering what kinds of little things you are doing to your Studebaker to prepare for Tacoma. I painted the lettering in my chrome nose pieces.
    Jon Stalnaker
    Karel Staple Chapter SDC

  • #2 and I know, it's really not a little thing. On yours, you have to keep a steady hand, stay in the lines, and be very careful not to spill, drop, or splash any of that bright red paint on places it doesn't belong. Even if you mask and cover, there's always the concern something will go wrong.

    Then there's the strain in your back, fatigue in your arms, and cramps in your fingers. It turns out to be a little thing as long as everything goes right. But when it is right, those little red letters are the finishing touch!

    On my '55, it's not the letters, but the background that gets the paint. But, the steady hand, worries, and physical strain are all the same. Great job on your part, and as I little thing.
    John Clary
    Greer, SC

    SDC member since 1975


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      Jon, if your not afraid to take them off you could do that like I did on the hub caps of my 41 Ford. I did the outline with a grease pencil, then painted the inside letters & put them in the oven set at 175 degrees. When it dried the grease pencil cleans right off & the lettering is smooth without any brush marks, plus the paint is baked on like the factory would do.
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        Not sure what qualifies as little things, but I have been driving my 48 for a few years with an unfinished trunk, and finally decided I could not show up in Tacoma with that mess, so I spent a couple of days building some panels of plywood and aluminum, installing and carpeting them. I also have neglected to install the placards I made to cover up the ugly welds in my door threshold plates. I still have to clearcoat those and install them.

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Name:	Fuel Tank Filler and Vent.JPG
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Name:	Trunk Carpet.jpg
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Name:	Trunk Jack and Tool compartment.jpg
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Name:	Trunk Battery Cover.jpg
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Name:	Threshold Placard.jpg
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        No, I do not intend to paint the spare wheel - it is a stock Nissan spare, fits over the big brake calipers, and is recognizable to any Skyline aficionado. After about 50 more people ask why I did not paint it, I will probably make a vinyl cover for it.

        I plan to attend the event on Saturday and have my car on display at that time.

        Trying to build a 48 Studebaker for the 21st century.
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          Gee, looking at these responses makes me feel like a slackard.... I took the moldings off, pressed them into a piece of styrofoam, filled the letters with red fingernail polish and let it dry. Then, I took a razor blade to the chrome and scraped up amything that didn't belong. Polished up the chrome and put them back on. I know the polish won't last as long as properly painted letters would, but it was easy enough to do that I won't mind doing it again in a few years. The nice thing about car shows is that they motivate us to do these little things that make a difference.
          Jon Stalnaker
          Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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            I was hoping to replace the clear plastic fins in the front fender spears on my '55 President Sedan. But, as usual, it appears other things are going to infringe on the opportunity. They won't infringe on my having a great time in Tacoma. Looking forward to it. Brother Bill will also be there with his newly acquired '57 Golden Hawk. How cool is that!
            Ed Sallia
            Dundee, OR

            Sol Lucet Omnibus


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              MY EYES!!!!! When I close my eyes all I see are Studebaker part numbers. I even saw 400 series part numbers a few times ( Packard )