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Update: Flying to SDC Meet? How do you plan to get to Tacoma?

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  • Update: Flying to SDC Meet? How do you plan to get to Tacoma?

    Curious if you have a plan for getting from airport to Tacoma. I haven't seen anything mentioned about that on the Meet forms.

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    Good information. I got a Real ID replacement driver's license when my last one expired even though I have a passport and a military ID. Our WV DMV is really pushing the "sale" of Real ID licenses. The Real ID license looks just like my old one- must have a lot of stuff invisibly included.
    In our foreign travel we have found that some other countries are very tough too so it is smart to be aware of their requirements.
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      If you get a TSA flyer in your suitcase that says they inspected it, be sure to save it for future flights. Put it right on top of your stuff. They will think it has been looked at already.


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        If you are from a state that did not comply with Real ID (like Minnesota), there are things to consider beyond TSA checkpoints. I've spoken with people who were denied entry to Federal buildings out of state when the only ID they had with them was their non-complying Minnesota drivers license. While the TSA will continue to accept these for the next couple of years, you may need something better (like a passport) for Federal buildings.


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          Glad I'm from germany, so I have a ID-Card, a Passport and last but not least a Driving License.
          All of them are with a picture and a expiry date, so I do not have any problems to show a valid document


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