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  • Originally posted by lanthony2020 View Post
    P&B Motors (Park and Bill, age 16), of Madison, South Dakota - 1946..
    thanks..... another one comes to light...
    64 GT Hawk (K7)
    1970 Avanti (R3)


    • Harold Nelson sold Studebakers in the town of Tekamah, Nebraska, in the 40s and 50s. Building is unchanged and is a NAPA auto parts store. When he passed, at the auction was his 49 pickup and 51 Commander, both garage kept. I was a teenager and didn't have any money.


      • Originally posted by nebraska stude View Post
        Harold Nelson sold Studebakers in the town of Tekamah, Nebraska

        Thanks, Noted..
        64 GT Hawk (K7)
        1970 Avanti (R3)


        • Originally posted by rbigcal View Post
          I did run across that, but then later couldn't find it and I guess I sort of forgot it. Wonder why it just said Lark. Now if I could find a pair of those
          After contacting Bob Torvick I can confirm that He purchased Auto Mart in 1963 and was then a Studebaker dealer. He didn't have any frames on hand though !


          • Lanham auto sales

            Bige do you have any of those copies of the studebaker news issues? Or maybe one that has the Lanham Auto Sales in Massillon Ohio mentioned in them? That was my grandfathers dealership and I'm trying to dig up anything that has the name mentioned in there for my father.

            QUOTE=bige;55896]About 12 years ago Louis De Angelis, owner of De Angelis Studebaker in Verona, NJ gave me a copy of "Studebaker News" dated June 1963. It's a publication sent to dealers and employess only. I took the names from the captions below the pictures of all the various awards and plaques mentiones n the newsletter. I went through it and took every dealer mentioned that I didn't see on your list. Here goes...

            De Angelis Studebaker Verona, NJ
            Philip Motors, 477 Pine St South Amboy, NJ ( here my Avanti was originally delivered).
            AFL Motors, Milwaukee WI
            Taconite Motors, Virginia, Minn
            Kramer Garage, Wausau, WI
            Ruud Motors, Albert Lea, Minn
            Selland Motors & Co, Fargo ND
            William A Henderson Inc, Philipsburg, NJ
            Knoblock Bros, South River, NJ
            Rock Road Auto Sales, St Louis, MO
            O'Donnel Mackie LTD, Toronto, Ontario
            Hebbville Garage, Hebbville, MD
            Pool Motors, Coeur D'Alene, Idaho
            Oritani Motors, Hackensack, NJ
            Angelo's Auto Sales, Chicago,IL
            H E Clemons, Oswego, NY
            TRI-City Motors, Talmadge, OH
            Lanham Auto Sales, Massillon, OH
            Smith Motor Sales, Port Clinton, OH
            Studebaker Sales and Service, Ashland, OH
            Roy J Keller INC, Idaho Falls, OH
            Anderson Motors, Huron, SD
            Karri Garage, Superior, Wisc
            Lloyds Motor Sales, Evansville, IN
            Nile E Faust Motor Co, Concord, NH
            Bryl S Kline, Reading, PA
            P.R. Henderson, Easton, PA

            Ernie R

            R2 R5388[/QUOTE]


            • My name is Ken Aggen. I bought a new 1960 Lark VIII Hardtop from Mount Greenwood Motors on Chicago's SW side when I was 20. Location was on south Kedzie Ave. This was after Al Payne motors located on 111th street closed and sold the Studebaker dealership to George Shumsky and his brother Mike.
              My father was a Studebaker Truck Salesman for Al Payne motors. For lack of space at Al Payne Motors his new Truck and Car inventory was stored Our Aggen Farm at 3837 West111th St in the early 50s. What great fun it was at age 10 to 15 to watch new cars being unloaded down the ramps off ARCO auto carrier transports in our farm yard.
              I will never forget my first test drive in a new Avanti at Mount Greenwood. What a Trip that was going south on Kedzie just past the city limits where you could really get on it.
              I drove the wheels of my Lark in the 8 years I had it. Gave it to a friend when the wife and I and 3 little boys moved to Texas in 68. Wish I had one like it now to give it to my wife for our 54th wedding anniversary. Honeymooned to Florida in that sweet Oasis Green Lark in April of 62.
              One nice thing about Mount Greenwood Motors is they were a RACE PERFORMANCE Dealership that built and maintained Studebaker 1/4 mile stock cars for driver Bill Van Allen. My clutch went to slippin and George built me a pressure plate using Model A Ford valve springs. My little wife had a tough time pushing in the clutch after that but it never ever slipped again.
              I and someone else posted some pictures of the Al Payne Motors Inventory at the Aggen Farm in 1950. Also some Pictures of Studes our Family owned.


              • AN OTHER DEALER
                ALSO SEE PAGE 1



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                  • Score!! ..... thanks
                    64 GT Hawk (K7)
                    1970 Avanti (R3)


                    • Does anyone know who the Studebaker dealer was for Duluth, MN I saw Karri Garage, Superior, Wisc. listed, but nothing for Duluth.


                      • Atlantic City dealerAtlantic City dealer
                        Jim Rostron


                        • Atlantic City NJ , I tried to flip pic and did on my computer but it didn't on here

                          Atlantic City dealerAtlantic City dealer
                          Jim Rostron


                          • Here ya go

                            Duluth Automobile Co., 18 Sixth Ave. West, Duluth, MN (C 1906)

                            George L. Wilson, 326 E. Superior, Duluth, MN (C 1926)

                            Jondro Motors, 416 E Superior (Archie Jondro) Duluth, MN (C 1948)

                            Leslie W. Phllips, Ely, MN (Est..~1920)

                            L. Hammel & Co., 3rd Ave. at 1st St., Duluth, MN (C 1901)

                            Northway Motors, 715 East Superior St., Duluth, MN (C 1955)

                            Waelen Bros. Co., Duluth, MN (C 1924 - 49)

                            More here...
                            64 GT Hawk (K7)
                            1970 Avanti (R3)


                            • Thanks. You just settled a family "disagreement."


                              • list of studebaker dealers in 1938

                                I have many lists of dealer and will try to post some by copy
                                I am not sure if it all readable.
                                This is from aa April 1938 Studebaker service bulletin#98A.
                                And are of dealers that received awards
                                Let me know if this is useful and I will post more
                                Robert Kapteyn