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    A chapter member sent me a link to these.

    Info is there. Cool pics! (and type in Studebaker)

    Click here to view the item (new window)
    Type: Photographs
    Creator: Finley's
    Title: [Photograph of men and a Studebaker, Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, ca. 192-]
    Date: 1920-1929
    Description: Dalton, ca. 1920s. Men standing around a Studebaker that has three bales of cotton on its roof. The sign on the automobile, which was parked on King Street, indicates that John A. Shope & Son was the dealer for the Studebaker. Left to right: Booker, Charlie Deck, unidentified boy, Varner, Herman Shope, Harvey Britton (front seat), Charlie Dupree, unidentified boy (back seat), John A. Shope.

    Type: Photographs
    Title: [Photograph of Studebaker dealership, Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia, ca. 1955]
    Date: 1955
    Description: Forsyth, ca. 1955. Zellner & Howard, Incorporated, a Studebaker dealership, located at the corner of East Main and Kimble Streets.

    Type: Photographs
    Title: [Photograph of Tom Daniel and son behind garage, Dublin, Laurens County, Georgia, ca. 1919]
    Date: 1919
    Description: Dublin, ca. 1919. Tom Daniel and his son, G. T., standing beside the garage owned by Mr. Daniel. A Studebaker dealership seen in the background.


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      Gary; Thanks for correcting me. It is PARKIN- I had the name in front of me and still misspelled it. Can't proof my own work anymore. Ahh, so many serior moments these days!!!

      Frank Drumheller
      Louisa, VA
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      -48 M16-52 Studebaker/Boyer fire truck
      -collection of dying Larks


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        I have a thermometer from A.C. Pulliam on 28th Street in Newport News, VA. Will try to post picture when I can get camera away from my wife. George


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          quote:If you wish to add to it simply post what you know as a Studebaker-Packard dealer or any other orphaned make of automobile on this thread or you can e-mail me. I appreciate any help you can give!
          Jensen Motors was in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, next to my Grandparents' home on West Grand Avenue. I don't know if they sold Packard or not. My dad bought his new '55 Commander 4 DR with 4BBL and dual exhoust from Jensen's.

          That's about all I can tell you though.

          1950 Land Cruiser project
          I finally have a Stude I can drive! (sort of)
          1962 GT Hawk, 4 speed, a/c


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            Lambert Jones Motors in LaSalle,Il. sold Cadillac,Olds,and Studebaker. His 'Stude dealership was in a 'White Castle' building on rt 6.My dad bought a new '62 Lark wagon there.
            Rolando Bros Garage in Ladd,Il. after John Rolando died,the Dealership sat untouched for years and years.I remember a lot of used cars rusting away on the lot,mostly Larks.Rumor had it that there was one new,unsold Studebaker inside the building,when the place was finally auctioned off.
            Rolandos name came up in a TW story about the '41 coupe with pickup box kit-



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              Here's a couple of dealerships from Long Island:

              F.E.H. Motors on Main St., Hempstead, NY

              Lakeview Motors on Lakeview Ave, Lynbrook, NY

              Lakeview Motors took on the Mercedes line when Studebaker became the Mercedes distributor in the '50s.
              Lakeview is now a Mercedes Benz dealer on Sunrise H'way, Lynbrook, NY.


              '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
              '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
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                Samuels Studebaker, Vauxhall NJ (part of Union). Saw this dealer decal on a nice clean original robins egg blue 62 Lark 2-door sedan in Livingston NJ about 2002. I left a note on the car expressing interest to buy but the owner never called me.

                I have another dealer name in Kearney, Nebraska, from the decal on the trunk of my 53 Champion Coupe, but the name escapes me. Will check and post the name later.

                Charles Schneider

                '53 Champion Starlight Coupe
                '60 Lark VIII
                '50 2R5


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                  Wherley Motors in International Falls Minnesota was a Studebaker dealer from 1946 until 1964.The dealership is still in business at the same location and sells Ford and Chrysler products.Up until about a month ago they still had a extensive amount(over 1200) of NOS Stude parts all stored in nice tidy boxes in dry storage.Those parts now reside in a hidden location somewhere near Delano,Minnesota(BOSEG)

                  Mono mind in a stereo world


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                    Thought of another dealer. I bought the 4WD wrecker that George Hamlin has now (5E14D) from Myers Auto Service in Winooski, Vermont. Arch Myers, a Studebaker dealer, had ordered the truck as a cab and chassis to use as the dealership wrecker (he built his own wrecker body- Yankee frugality).


                    Paul Johnson
                    '53 Commander Starliner (since 1966)
                    '64 Daytona Wagonaire (original owner)
                    '64 Daytona Convertible (2006)
                    Museum R-4 engine
                    Paul Johnson, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.
                    '64 Daytona Wagonaire, '64 Avanti R-1, Museum R-4 engine, '72 Gravely Model 430 with Onan engine


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                      Two Baltimore, MD dealers:
                      Bob Fleigh Inc., 242 West 29th Street and Fulker Motors.

                      My previous comments about Schwing Motor Co. in Baltimore need to be amended. Schwing sold used cars, wasn't a Stude dealership, but serviced Studebakers.

                      Here's an interesting link to old dealerships in Baltimore:

                      [img=left][/img=left] Gary Ash
                      Dartmouth, Mass.
                      '48 M5
                      '65 Wagonaire Commander
                      '63 Wagonaire Standard
                      web site at
                      Gary Ash
                      Dartmouth, Mass.

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                        The following Studebaker Dealers were listed under new cars in the 1960 phone book for Sheridan, WY:
                        B&B Auro Repair Shop, 66 N> Burritt, Buffalo, WY:
                        Skaar Motor Co., 316 N. Main, Sheridan, WY: and
                        Shaffer Auto Court, 1409 W. Main, Newcastle, WY.

                        There is a sticker on my wife's 1960 Lark. It is from North Park Sales & Service, Inc., 1640 N La Salle Street, Chicago 14, ILL. This was a Studebaker/Packard Dealership.

                        I also remember a Studebaker dealer in Sparta, WI by the name of Grant Osenbach. I can't find any other information on the dealership.


                        28 Cottonwood Dr.
                        Sheridan, WY 82801
                        28 Cottonwood Dr.
                        Sheridan, WY 82801


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                          quote:Originally posted by garyash

                          Two Baltimore, MD dealers:
                          Bob Fleigh Inc., 242 West 29th Street and Fulker Motors.
                          According to the invoice, my Avanti was delivered in February 1963 to:

                          Michaelson Motors
                          5801 Reisterstown Road,
                          Baltimore, Maryland

                          Oddly, it's not listed on the database mentioned by Gary.
                          How many Studebaker dealerships did Baltimore have?

                          63 Avanti R1 2788
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                          Washington State
                          63 Avanti R1 2788
                          1914 Stutz Bearcat
                          (George Barris replica)

                          Washington State


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                            Berke Studebaker,, Anoka, Minnesota...My dad bought 53 hardtop and 58 golden Hawk. I am currently restoring the 58 hawk...
                            Any way of finding out if any old "dealer records" still exist?

                            58 Golden Hawk
                            Pillager, MN


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                              According to the 1960 phone book the following dealers handled Studebakers in the Denver area 46 years ago!
                              * Carl Bartz Motor Co. (3198 N. Speer Blvd.)
                              * Bell Motors (2415 S. Broadway)
                              * Bill Eger's Jeep & Lark Center(5401 W. Colfax)
                              * Buckley Bros. Motors Inc. (6605 S. Broadway)
                              * Bill Dreiling Motor Co. (2111 W. Alameda)
                              * Federal Valley Motors (3075 W. 72nd St)
                              * Kurland Motors (1134 Broadway)
                              * Roth Motor Co. (353 W. Main Littleton)

                              Bill Eger's had a big display ad in the Yellow Pages as did Kurland Motors, who advertised their big "Lark Center."

                              Studebakers were evidently quite popular in Denver given the number of dealers in 1960.

                              --1963 Cruiser


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                                I'll have a look when I get home, but I have a newspaper ad for the all new 85 HP 1916 Studebaker 4 cylinder touring. The dealer is on there, but I can't remember what it is right now.

                                NOTE: It has Brown-Rowan-Buck Auto Sales Co.
                                313 North Pennsylvania Street
                                Unfortnately, there's no town name anywhere on the paper...

                                Matthew Burnette
                                '59 Scotsman PU
                                '63 Daytona HT