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  • We just moved into the old Heling's place and am tryin to find out some history, can u help me?

    [quote]Originally posted by Mr.Biggs

    I've got a pencil here on my desk that's got written on it: "Heling's Garage - Burnett, Wis. Studebaker - Case Dial MUrdock9-2241


    • Studebaker dealer in Elkhart Indiana in 1950 and prior

      Champion Motor Co, Inc.
      501 E. Jackson

      Husband of Lark VIII girl


      • Barberton, Ohio
        HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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        • Barberton, Ohio

          Wow, that's not real far from where I live--very near Akron. I was aware of Mentzer Motors, which was a Packard dealer, then a Stude dealer, up 'til the end, but never heard of Derhammer's. I wonder if the building is still there.

          Barberton is famous for their many fried chicken dinner restaurants, started by Eastern European immigrants back in the '30's. My favorite is Belgrade Gardens. Their chicken is still fried in lard and is absolutely the tastiest fried chicken I've ever had. It's often served with 'hot sauce', which is basically rice in a spicy red sauce.

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          Bill Pressler
          Kent, OH
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          • Bay City, Michigan has several Studebaker dealers in its history.

            North-Eastern Michigan Auto Sales Co.
            Fred Turrill, Wash at McKinley and Federal at Park Sw cr,Saginaw Mi

            Baxter & Rexer Auto Sales
            518-520 Washington Ave.

            The Rackstraw Sales Co. Dist.
            209 Washington

            by Husband of Lark VIII girl

            Glenn Motor Sales
            600 Saginaw St. 1947-1954


            • From the city directory of Monroe Michigan 1914.
              Monroe Garage Co. Front & McComb Sts. was the local Studebaker Dealer.

              Husband of Lark VIII girl


              • Perhaps someone else has identified these dealerships: Red Cloud NE. Killough Motors. I assume that's where my 51 Champion came from. Here in Lincoln NE there was the remains of a Studebaker Dealership in the early 1970's, Hartsough Motors, I think he told me he'd had a dealership since 1909. Another dealer in Lincoln was DeBrown Motors, who also sold Plymouth/Chrysler/DeSoto.


                • It's a shame Randy's dealership list on http://www.automotivehistoryonline.c...lerpackard.htm is no more.


                  It's still there. You just need to select your State alphabetically!
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                  • Muscle Car writer Tom Shaw just forwarded this information about a building in downtown Lakeland FL that is still known as "The Studebaker Building." (This thread is so long, I apologize if this has already been posted):

                    From Tom:

                    Here’s what the Lakeland .gov website said about the Studebaker building:
                    The Studebaker Building, 211/ 215 East Bay Street, originally housed an automobile sales and repair business on the ground floor and the Crescent Club on the second floor.
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                    • Dealer Listing...

                      It's still "Alive""


                      Randy was doing ALL the dealers and then quit. Not knowing what the issue was, I contacted him about his continuing his site on my domain, but he didn't want to. I already had a lot of duplicates and took the 18+ (studebaker) pages from this forum and made the above listing..
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                      • In Smithtown, NY (Long Island)
                        Schubert Brothers,
                        Main Street

                        This business is still there and still in the same family as a body shop. the grandsons now run the business.
                        '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
                        Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club


                        • I now have the name to this Studebaker dealership, which was told to me this weekend by one of the long time old timers who resided in town. It was one of many scattered in this area since the time of the horse and buggy. It is also unknown to me when they changed hands(I know this had a few soon after), but when they opened up the second floor to renovate for another business it was full of '55 parts, which came back up to this area. As of now this is a tavern for the locals.

                          C.R. "Butch" Ratcliffe Studebaker
                          200 W. Washington
                          Beardstown, IL

                          An interesting little story on C.R. "Butch" Ratcliff. Butch was a nickname given to him by the townsfolk. He would open the dealership at 6am each morning. Prior to opening the business or after closing down for the day, he would go down the street to the Cigar and Smoke Shop where he would purchase a cigar. The smoke shop had spitoons on the floor and all but a few people would actually "hit" those spitoons. As far as I know, from the story that was told to me, this dealership was in operation from the 30's up until the end. From 1942-1946 C.R. "Butch" Ratcliffe was elected Cass County Sheriff as well.
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                          • Stude & Packard - Fulker Motors - Baltimore
                            Bob Fleigh - Stude - Baltimore
                            Cockrell Owens - Stude - Baltimore
                            Hebbville Garage - Stude - Near Baltimore


                            • Don't forget Juris Motors, in Cle Elum Washingtonhttp://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ighlight=juris
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                              • From Illinois

                                Blevidere Edgetown Motor Sales Rt 14&Rt 47 1954

                                Rockford Forest Hills Motors Inc., 6402 Forest Hills 1962
                                Collier Motors 401 S. Cort 1939-1959 Harold & Edna Collier
                                Winnebago Motor Sales Co. 303 Kishwaukee 1956
                                Collier Automobile Co. 328 S.Main St. 1929-1929
                                " "