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  • Hello Joe,

    Early in the auto business, there were agents, who sold the cars to a customer and they then ordered the car from the manufacturer. Agents did not often have a garage or inventory.
    In time agents became garage owners , and then dealers with inventory and showrooms. Incidently there were dealers who became distributers and
    had multiple locations in the area they covered as distributers.
    Sub dealers purchased the cars they sold from the distrbuters who in turn ordered their cars from the manufacturers.

    We appreciate interest in this project

    Husband of Lark VIII girl


    • Hello 492r5

      Wow, I had my head down in the book in Alma Mi Library and missed about Huntoon in Wheeler Mi.

      Back in 1971 I was going past Huntoons on a regular basis driving to college in Midland. They still had the Studebaker sign up, and had cars for sale , parts and a shop with Studebakers in it. There were Studebakers still on the road in the hands of their loyal customers.
      One day I stopped and went in and look around and got a tour, along with a look in the rear at the Studebaker parts cars.

      Now we move foward to Lark VIII girl buying her first Studebaker a
      1956 Golden Hawk in 1998. It came from near Elkart In. After we had the car a few weeks I read the LOF sticker on the windshield.
      It had been serviced at HUNTOONS in WHEELER< MI !!!!!!!!!
      Imagine that!!

      Huntoons is now long gone, the building remains and someone works on cars there.

      Husband of Lark VIII girl


      • Misc Studebaker dealers

        Bridgeport Ct Studebaker cars 617 State 1922

        Alberta Canada
        Edmonton B&R Motor Sales 10045 102nd st 1922
        Chatham Studebaker Sales and Service 54 4th st 1930

        Neshanic Station NJ Courts garage 1951
        Atlanta GA Yarborough Motor Co 390 Peachtree NW
        Decatur GA Cherokee Motor 431 W Ponce de Leon Ave 1949
        Tampa FL Ray B.Cralle Co 501 Washington St
        Birmingham Al Cruise-Crawford Mfg Co 2200 2nd Ave S 1939

        installed her by Husband of Lark VIII girl


        • Had my Hawk worked on last summer by Jim Huntoon of Huntoon Motors. He is still working on Studes and is one of the most knowledgeble Stude people you will ever meet.


          • Well thank you Tony for the wonderful comment about my Grandpa Jim Huntoon. My Great-Grandpa Myrle Huntoon started the dealership after buying a few cars from the Studebaker dealer in Saginaw and selling them in the Breckenridge-Wheeler area fairly quickly. Then the new champion came out and he drove down to South Bend and walked in the front door of the administration building. He asked the secretary at the front desk that he would like to be a dealer & who did he need to speak to. She pulled out a map and asked him where he was from and she had him sign a piece of paper and he was now a Studebaker dealer. Boy, were things different from what they were now! Luckily my Great-Grandma Lucille (Myrle's wife) was able to see the beginnings of the truck that my Grandpa Jim and I restored before she passed away in 2003. I wrote up an article in Turning Wheels in the February 06 issue called "Grandpa and Me".


            • Just got home from Illinois, Locked the front door Oh BOY
              got to sit down and type the list.

              From the Capitol, Of the Land of Lincoln
              L.Lee Savage 5th & Lawrence 1915
              Newman Brothers 314-318 E. Wash 1929
              Lundburg Utilities Nc 209-211 E Monroe 1951-1945

              H.G.Wonderlin Co 257 W. Main 1954

              Dickman Motor Co. 328 Main 1936-1939
              Gordon Auto Co 221 E. Morgan 1936
              Edward Brown 301 E Sandy 1927

              found in the Lincoln Library, City of Springfield
              by Husband of Lark VIII girl


              • From Hastings Michigan, a long time dealer

                Goodyear Hardware Company, D.S.Goodyear 130 N, Jefferson
                1958-1929, and possibly earlier and later,
                The sold John Deere, Hardware, and for awhile Hudsons.

                Mount Pleasant, Michigan
                Johnson's Garage, Floyd H. Johnson, at College&Michigan, 1953

                And we saw a Studebaker at McDonalds in Warren, In, last night

                Husband of Lark VIII girl


                • Bought a 'grease change reminder' post card in an antique store the other day.
                  The dealer was:

                  Johnny's Motor Sales Inc.
                  196 Main St.
                  Gardner, Massachusetts
                  Telephone 1845

                  Gary Sanders
                  Nixa, MO
                  President Toy Studebaker Collectors Club. Have an interest in Toy Studebakers? Contact me for details.
                  Gary Sanders
                  Nixa, MO


                  • In 1951 the city business directory of greater L.A. lists the following packard and studebaker dealers. this was years before the merger of S/P.
                    PACKARD DEALERS
                    A.R. AHRENS- HUNTINGTON PARK
                    EARLE C. ANTHONY,INC.- AT 1000 HOPE ST. L.A.
                    ATLANTIC MOTORS- 6305 S. VERMONT AVE L.A.
                    FROST&FRENCH,INC.- 230 S. WESTERN AVE L.A.
                    LAHEY & WHARTON- SOUTH GATE
                    NOLL AUTO CO.- 4301 N FIGUEROA L.A.
                    PACKARD HOLLYWOOD INC.- 6465 W SUNSET BLVD
                    PACKARD- LA BREA- 747 S LA BREA AVE

                    STUDEBAKER DEALERS
                    FRANK H. AFTON- INGLEWOOD
                    BRUCE F. ALLINGTON- VAN NUYS
                    WARREN BIGGS- 101 S. LA BREA AVE L.A.
                    DAVID J. BRICKER INC.- 6140 HOLLYWOOD BLVD L.A.
                    BROADWAY MOTOR SALES CO.- 960 N. BROADWAY L.A.
                    BYRON-WOOD MOTORS- SOUTH GATE
                    RAY ELLIOTT & SONS- 6055 W. PICO BLVD L.A.
                    GEORGE W. FRY- 4299 LIEMERT BLVD L.A.
                    OLIN J. HESSELL CO.- BEVERLY HILLS
                    HIGHLAND PARK MOTORS- 6237 YORK BLVD L.A.
                    PAUL G. HOFFMAN CO. INC.- 1905 S FIGUEROA ST.
                    McPEAK MOTORS CO.- COMPTON
                    BILL MORRIS INC.- SANTA MONICA
                    PACKER MOTOR CO. INC.- 1620 S. BRAND BLVD. GLENDALE
                    LLOYD PEARSON- PASADENA
                    CARL P. PURSCHE- GARDENA
                    PHIL RAUCH INC.- BURBANK
                    JACK SHEETZ INC.- SAN FERNANDO
                    HARRY B WINGATE- 11801 SANTA MONICA BLVD, WEST L.A.

                    In the same area there were listed:
                    29 HUDSON Dealers
                    28 KAISER-FRASZER Dealers
                    20 WILLYS Dealers
                    9 CROSLEY Dealers
                    23 NASH Dealers

                    As you can see the independents were alive & well in 1951 Los Angeles

                    58 packard H.T.


                    • From OHIO

                      Cleveland The E.J.Arnstine Co. 7000 Euclid Ave 1932-1931
                      Freemont Vic Frederick Motor Sales 118 E Main St 1946-1948
                      Lorain Colgan Motors Inc. 1803 Broadway 1947-1924
                      Marion Studebaker Sales & Service 194 S Prospect 1925

                      research provided by Lark VIII girl


                      • This is all good info. It would be great if it could be organized by State or alphabeticaly by dealer name in a data base. Where is Bob Johnstome at? He has done an outstanding job with his website. I enjoy vositing the Avanti data base that he has listed. It is categorized by serial number.

                        1957 Packard Clipper
                        1957 President Broadmoor
                        1963 Daytona Convertible
                        1963 R2 Daytona
                        1963 R2 GT Hawk
                        1963 R1 Wagonaire
                        1963 R4 Avanti
                        1964 Champ
                        1966 Cruiser


                        • StudeMichael,
                          Go to the first page. You will see a link to the web site that does have this information organized by state.


                          Gary Sanders
                          Nixa, MO
                          President Toy Studebaker Collectors Club. Have an interest in Toy Studebakers? Contact me for details.
                          Gary Sanders
                          Nixa, MO


                          • Last summer I ordered and bought car production order from Studebaker National Museum for my '57 Silver Hawk I inherited from my late grandfather. I knew he work and lives in Yankton S.D. The production order mentioned Hawk was delivered to Yankton as destination in Jan 1957. I believed he bought it from Meridian Garage in same city.
                            Any of you members who lives nearly are familiar with Meridian Garage?

                            Thanks, Steven


                            • What happened to your '63 GT?

                              [quote]quote:Originally posted by 53k

                              I bought my first new car and first Studebaker from Don Schmidt Motors in Wichita, KS. Then I bought my '64 Daytona Wagonaire from Joe Egle Motor Imports in Olathe, KS.
                              My first dealer buyout was the Pontiac-Studebaker dealer in Fredonia, KS (don't remember the name, was 1974). About the same time I bought out Habiger Motors in Iola, KS (unpicked, much gold). I passed on a factory Packard V-8 long block and a bunch of truck rims (who would want boat anchors like those?). I found an old Studebaker-Allis Chalmers dealership a few miles east in Bronson, KS. There were no parts there, but I got a couple BIG showroom banners from '60 and '61 and I passed on a BIG outside neon sign for $50 (who would want something like that?)
                              I dealt with Anderson Motors in Garnett, KS (they were a single family dealership from the wagon days through the end). I tried to buy their parts, but they were still servicing Studebakers so they would only sell me their accessories (at $1.50 per box- Speedster exhaust extensions, 53-55 backups, Hill Holders, etc.).
                              I drove my first Lark at the Lincoln-Mercury-Studebaker dealership in Manhattan, KS.
                              I remember a large dealer in Topeka, KS, but don't remember the name. He sold a bunch of Larks to the State.
                              There were at least three dealers in Kansas City, MO and one in Kansas City, KS. One KCMO dealer was a factory dealership- stocked some neat cars (R-2 Cruiser, etc.). A local distillery ordered seven Avantis for their salesmen to drive, but the dealership couldn't deliver due to the early production delays. The same dealership also took a Mercedes 300 gull-wing in trade on one and a new Corvair convertible from a Catholic priest on another.
                              When I was in the SF Bay Area I bought parts from the Zone Depot in Burlingame and a good dealer in San Leandro was Ben Begier which still operates as a Buick-Saab dealer.
                              Several times I drove various Studebakers to Frost and French in Los Angeles for service. When Studebaker shut down in '66 Mr French went around to all the West Coast dealers he could find and bought their new Studebakers. He sold new Studebakers for several years, all at MSRP.
                              I bought my first Avanti from the former dealer in Hayward and there was a former dealer in Oakland, owned by a little old couple. They only sold parts- no longer had a service department.
                              There were a number of dealers in the Boston Area. I had my '64 Champ serviced at one in the northern suburbs (don't remember the name). It was owned by two old brothers who had one equally old, deaf mechanic. They had two '58 Packard hardtops sitting on their used car lot. I bought some parts and had new motor mounts put in my '64 Wagonaire at a dealer in the Southeast part (name is on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't spit it out). Their parts guy, Lennie, was buying Studebakers from customers who wanted to get rid of their Studebakers. He had quite a collection including a '64 R-2 Daytona convertible and a fully-equipped '61 Skytop hardtop.
                              In the DC area the famous one was American Service Center, now a big Mercedes dealer. There was also Metropolitan Motors, later a Subaru dealer.
                              In the mid-70s I bought out the Heishman Garage in Mt. Jackson, VA and tried to buy Mason Motors in Timberville, VA. Mr Mason wouldn't sell because they were still servicing too many Studebakers. In his upstairs storage I found a 10,000-mile Packard Hawk, a GT Hawk, a '63 Avanti and a low-miles Lark. I found later that Jim Heiple got his parts a few years ago.
                              I also tried to buy out the dealer at Harrisonburg, VA, but they too would only sell the accessories (radio antennas, floor mats, etc.).
                              I tried to buy Burr Garage in White Sulphur Springs, WV, but was told they didn't have anything any more. However, several years later a man showed up at Reedsville with all kinds of gold from there that he had


                              • Mike Hundt (14x7) sent me a picture of his father and grandfather's Studebaker dealership in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

                                His grandfather is the guy in the tee shirt.

                                Leonard Shepherd