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    Morton Motors-Omaha, NE
    Logan Motors-Beatrice, NE
    Fairway-Norfolk, NE
    Wiysel Motors-Plattsmouth, NE

    Denny L


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      Clive Sales & Service, Ltd. taken in 1981 with Laurance Williams, the proprietier.


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        Here's a picture of a Louisville, KY dealership although I'm not sure which one. I don't believe it was Warren-Proctor:

        If anyone knows, please post here.

        Mark Anderson
        1965 Cruiser


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          Carnes Motors, S. 9th St., St. Joseph Missouri and the building is still standing. I may have more history next week...Brad......update:...1876 Peter Studebaker and John S. Welch build wagons for those going west at 205-207 S. 4th Street St. Joseph Missouri (24 miles from my home). Part of the building is still standing because there was a fire in May of 1948. However, they started building wagons in 1865 in St. Joseph. Peter had branches in Kansas City, Portland, Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York and Denver. In 1870 sales exceeded $500,000.00 Peter Studebaker's daughter's home is still standing at 603 North 5th St. and is one of the grandest in the midwest and includes a two story carriage house the average size of most homes.


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            My grandfather (Morris C. Simpson, Sr.) of Cleveland, Mississippi, would have been proud of you and Frank. Not only was he the Studebaker dealer in Cleveland until the last car sold in 1966, but he was involved with the volunteer fire department. There now is a small civil defense building in town named after him, for his civic participation. I remember, at age 14, when he drove me to the volunteer fire department building, and opened it up to take me in and show me their newest truck. Not a Studebaker, as it was 1975 then, but he was proud of it nonetheless.

            His dealership was called:

            Service Motor Company
            Highway 61
            Cleveland, MS

            After the dealership days ended, he kept the building as a garage by the same name. When he retired, it became an auto parts store (same building) called Valley Parts. I think it may be gone by now.

            [img=left][/img=left] - DilloCrafter

            1955 1/2 Ton Pickup
            The Red-Headed Amazon
            Deep in the heart of Texas

            Paul Simpson

            1955 1/2 Ton Pickup
            The Red-Headed Amazon
            Deep in the heart of Texas


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              Let me say that this is great all the Dealers Names you guys are coming up with, it is keeping me busy I know that. But I have one thing to ask of you, when you tell us who the dealer is if you could please tell us what city and state they were located in. also if they were a Packard or Mercedes Dealer, or even if they sold another make (ie.AMC) after Studebaker closed its doors that would be great. Thank You for helping out!



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                Ben A. Begier in San Leandro, CA

                Now a Buick dealer in the same location on E. 14th.


                Dick Steinkamp
                Bellingham, WA


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                  Ok, lets add two from North Carolina

                  1. Nance Motors - Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC. Studebaker only I believe and later AMC. Dad bought the fully loaded 55 President Ultra Vista here.

                  2. Owen Studebaker Company, Laurinburg, NC Studebaker only and after 66, had a good business selling used cars and servicing Studebakers still in service. Folks around the corner from us bought the last new 66 Mr. Owen had in stock. It was a silver Cruiser with Air Conditioning. Mr. Owen would take a new Studebaker from inventory and never sell it. Instead, it went out back behind the garage and was used strictly for parts. Mr. Owen said it was cheaper for him to do that. I remember a line up of mid 50's sedans and Larks, all weather worn, rusty and picked of parts, but technically, new cars. Dad said Mr. Owen tried for a Tucker franchise but when that didn't materialize, he started the Studebaker Dealership

                  Bill Sapp
                  Hamlet, NC


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                    ok I have gone thru my E-mail and checked all three lists twice now I think I am up to date, I passed on dealers that didnt have names only locations. If the names come to you let me know I want to post them. Ive added a symbol to indicate Studebaker or Packard or even both. I'm going back to my concepts now[] I think I will update the list about once a week as I get more names. Keep them coming! Thanks for all your help on this.



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                      Here in Western New York
                      C. H. Holmes, Nunda
                      Hooker Studebaker, Hornell
                      Stevens Studebaker, Wellsville
                      Monroe Auto Sales, Rochester
                      (unknown name) East Main St. East Aurora
                      Steve Kelley
                      Dalton, NY


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                        In 1994 I bought a 1964 cruiser from the Neeley and Son dealership here in Moscow Idaho. It was the last car in and they kept it to drive. Mr. Neeley had died several years before and Mrs. Neeley was moving closer to her son in western Washington. It was still titled to the dealership and they both signed the title. The car had around 80k on it and had been driven by Mrs. Neeley to the school where she was principle 2 blocks from home. It had been restored a few years before but it has rust in the floors that has now come through the paint. We drove it regularly for ten years and it is now waiting its turn for repairs and return to service.
                        After 64 they tried to sell plymouth but didn't like the management system as they had regular clientiel and new what cars they liked while Plymouth had cars they just wanted sold. After that they closed the business semi retired helping maintain local studebakers for years.


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                          OK Randy; here is a partial list of my known Studebaker Packard and or Mercedes Dealerships mostly in Calif. where I am from, the local Washington ones from our Chapters up here (from my sons StudeDave and hotwheels63r2 and I) will follow when complete.

                          Frank H. Afton Co. (Studebaker, Packard Mercedes)
                          240 N.Market St.
                          Inglewood, CA (Where my Dad and I worked)

                          G&M Studebaker (Studebaker)
                          15637 S. Hawthorne Blvd.
                          Lawndale, CA

                          Village Studebaker (Studebaker)
                          3029 W.48th.St.
                          Los Angeles 8, CA

                          Beach Cities Motor Co. (Studebaker)
                          234 S. Pacific Coast Hwy.
                          Redondo Beach, CA

                          Caldwells, Inc. (Studebaker, Simca by Chrysler, Jeep)
                          736 E. Compton Blvd.
                          Compton, CA

                          Palmer Motors (Studebaker, Fiat)
                          3300 Atlantic Ave.
                          Long Beach 7, CA

                          Probably the most unusual, interesting and possibly the only Parts & Service Only, Authorized Dealership AND Authorized AFTER the closing of the South Bend Plant was a friend and former Truck & Transmission Specialist at Frank Afton Co. Inglewood,CA a good friend also of the famous Los Angeles Area rep. Roy Bender.
                          John Puskas (Studebaker Packard Parts & Service)
                          A-A Automotive
                          14310 Mansel Ave.
                          Lawndale, CA

                          This is where my 7E13-131 '62 Transtar 289 V-8 1 ton dually cab & chassis (E13-4284) line #6344 built 6/25/62 was custom ordered and sold by T.Callahan to: William K.D. Shenkel 39-35 213th. St. Bayside, NY on July 9.'62:

                          Helms Bros. Inc.
                          90-02 43rd. Ave.
                          Elmhurst, NY
                          HAvermeyer 4-3460

                          Helms Bros.Inc.
                          159-02 Northern Blvd.
                          Flushing, NY
                          FLushing 3-6600

                          Helms Bros. Inc.
                          208-24 Northern Blvd
                          Bayside, NY
                          BAyside 5-8181

                          Probably the Bayside Store considering where he lived, sold my truck. They are now one of the worlds largest Mercedes Dealerships with 2 of the 3 original dealerships still there, and their own "build your own Mercedes" website. -Pretty cool phone #'s eh?

                          Studebakers Northwest
                          Ferndale, WA
                          Second Generation Stude Driver,
                          Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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                            Jacob Rose Studebaker Laporte Indiana . My family bought several from there


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                              C.E. Daniels Garage 831-35 Commercial Street Phone 487 Atchison Kansas. Prices effective June 1, 1921: Special Six 5 Pass. Touring $1,810.; Light Six 5 Pass. Touring $1,475. ; Big Six 7 Pass. Touring $2175. The building in still standing and there was A Mopar dealer for many many years in the building. Today it is a motorcycle repair shop............Brad


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                                Edger McMullin Motors,Perryville Md. A&L Motors, Joppa,Md. And the last one Where My 48 Studebaker was purchaced on 12-6-48. J. Scott Porter Motors, Pocomoke City, Md. I Have this information from Dealer service policy for Studebaker owners that was in the glove box along with owners manual and other papers from that time period.

                                GARY H 2DR.SEDAN 48 STUDEBAKER CHAMPION NORTHEAST MD.