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Indiana to California Packard Hawk Hood

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  • Indiana to California Packard Hawk Hood

    Just seeing if we can find some help here. Dream Team Racing is expecting a 1958 Packard Hawk hood to arrive in Indiana in the next week or two. It was sent to us from Australia by Brian Greenhall for us to use on our Bonneville project. It took some doing just to get it to the states and it had to stay with a shipment that was headed to Indiana. So our team is seeing if anyone is going to be going to the Tacoma meet that might have enough room to haul the hood with them. Then the next question is, is anyone from California going to Tacoma that could pick up the hood and bring it to California. I was hoping to go but my doctor says no as of right now. I am holding out hope but I am still too weak and having issues so I will probably miss it. Its a shame as both of my brothers will be there with their Studebakers.

    So is anyone able to help with a leg of this transport? You can PM me or email me at

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    I'm in Sacramento but not going to Tacoma.
    I'll check with a couple friends who may be going. We shall hope for the best.


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      Dan when you get your hood you need to find a good fiberglass shop that will make a mold of it. Next time hoods are readily available. Also if you have it make one of the header panel and the spare tire on the trunk.


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        Glad to hear that you, at least, got it to the states. Going to Tacoma from Nevada, so not much help with delivery. Wishing you luck with the transport, your car build, and your health! I may try to get out to Bonneville this fall. It's just a little over a hundred miles from us.


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          My friend is driving his 53 Coupe. I'll check back with further contacts.


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            Do NOT Ship it with Fastenal!


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              Dan, that PackardHawk hood is sitting at my buddies freight company in Indianapolis, if anyone could help out here to get it to C.A.
              If I can get it from Australia to Indy surely somebody can help out getting it over to Dan in Cal !.
              Brian Greenall
              Melbourne, OZ