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Update to this thread. Fan installed & starter fixed

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    My 51 Commander was overheating in AZ. I had the radiator rodded out and it solved the problem, even in 105 degree days.
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      Forgot to mention what also happend on the german autobahn; airpressure pushed the fan's center ate a hole in the rad... & the result of that was max 70 km/h & stopping for water every 30 km + the ferry to Sweden a day later.

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        Even here in KY, prolonged idling will cause the Studes' temp gauge to climb, but not peg. But in the desert, prolonged idling will cause it to peg. When I lived in the desert I installed 16" pusher fans on all three Studes, in front of the AC condenser. When caught in traffic and moving less than 10 MPH or at standstill, I'd flip the switch to thru the pusher fan on, and turn off the AC. I'd also use it at gas stations when re-fueling. The pusher would keep the temp gauge from pegging. When I mover back to KY, now almost 20 years ago, I eventually removed all the pusher fans. If I were going back to live in the desert, I'd install 16" pusher fans again, before leaving KY to head that way.

        The pusher fan will work, and will even push enough air through the AC condenser to help cool the radiator.

        Of course, if improperly installed, all sorts of bad things can happen, i.e. the fan could grind a hole in the radiator or AC condenser if mounted too close.

        Not sure how a 6V pusher fan would work though. All my Studes were 12V, and converted to GM, 1-wire alternator.

        I ASSue you have a 3-row radiator?
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          It does have a 3-row radiator. The little 12" 6 volt pusher fan probably only pushes a third or so what your 16" 12 volts did. But it does move quite a bit of air through the radiator when the engine is off and the fan engaged. I am trying to link another thread concerning replacing the water pump to this post. This is my third try so hope I push all the right buttons this time. After the water pump replacement and adjusting the clearance between the impellers and the race in the manifold I have had the car out in 90+ degree weather three times.

          The water pump appears to have reduced the water temperature about 13-18 degrees. And at idle and stop & go traffic the pusher fan another 8-10 degrees. The bottom line is it has stayed within the normal range which is good for my car. The most important thing is the confidence I have in shutting off the engine to refill or run into the post office and knowing it will fire back up.

          Now, to see if I can get that link to work??

          Charlie D.

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