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1950 Champion Might be a Good Buy

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  • 1950 Champion Might be a Good Buy

    Might be a good buy, but we'll never know with only two small pictures and not much of a description.

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    It's an early one with painted headlight rings. The color is hard to tell in the small pix, but it could be fiesta tan, which is an official color, but not commonly found.
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      Looks a awful lot like the one that was sitting at Hooked on Classics in Watertown,MN
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        It's a good car for a decent price, but WHO-EEE!, that color reminds me of a WWI field dressing pulled off of a dead French Foreign Legion member's leg and dyed with just a little bit with Jack Daniel's for "that extra flair"! I just can't get past that color, and seeing as how original it is elsewhere, I couldn't bear to respray it. This one isn't for me.
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