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Studebakers at the 40 th Annual Concours dElegance of America

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  • Studebakers at the 40 th Annual Concours dElegance of America

    This event is July 27-29 In Plymouth Michigan . I was contacted by Bob Ashton from the MCACN Show to bring my Avanti to be in a Display he's organizing featuring Alternative Muscle Cars . i mentioned Nelson Boves 1964 Daytona Hot Rod Test Car should be there also and he thought it was an excellent car to add to the display so it will be there also . Bob Ashton has been very supportive of having Stude Performance at the MCACN Show every year so Nelson and I feel that we want to support him back at an event like this and continue to keep Studes recognized as Performance Cars . More info on the Show can be found at CONCOURSUSA.ORG .

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    Congrats, Ed and Nels.

    This is a premier prestige show, so ti is good to have excellent, knowledgeable Studebaker representation. BP
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      Just got my show packet this weekend. Even the that is impressive.