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Late start this year - 60 Lark Conv.

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  • Late start this year - 60 Lark Conv.

    She gave me more problems this year than any other. Bad distributor condenser wouldn't let her start. Top pump/motor failed. The Lark, not the wife. All fixed now, and we will try to have a good remainder of the season. This IS her car, after all:
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    Glad you got your problems with the '60 sorted out. Have fun this summer! My '60 Lark Convertible which I owned in the early 1980s was also Jonquil Yellow with the tan interior, like yours. It is one of several cars that I wish I had never sold.


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      Cool beans, Kevin. BP
      We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

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        We've been married 29 years in August. At the first meet I took her to, she saw a Jonquil Yellow '60 Convertible (It was an VIII, so not the same car). I spent the next dozen years or so showing her all kinds of Lark Convertibles. No sale to her on anything else I found. It had to be yellow, and it had to be "stubby".

        When I found this car 15 years ago (before cell phone pictures), I called her and told her I had to move fast. Another guy was coming, but had already turned down the owners asking price. I had about fifteen minutes to look at it, and decide if I wanted to pay the full asking price. I had a serious deposit, knew the owner, and went to where the car was being stored. After a short test drive, and getting under it from bow to stern, I paid full price, and actually put the balance beyond the deposit on my credit card.

        I quickly went into CYA mode financially, and sold two Mopars, a '67 Dodge Polara Convertible, and my prize '82 Cordoba out of my front yard. The '67 sold before I could get the sign in the windshield. The Cordoba took a little longer, and I do regret selling both at times. I had enough to pay off the credit card in 30 days.

        But, if you are looking for a way to get the wife interested in Studebakers, a yellow '60 Lark Convertible might be the ticket. She does keep saying it would be the only collector car she would keep if something happened to me. 3 Speed OD, Flathead Six and all, I'm left to wonder if it's more attractive than me in old age.


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          Very nice looking Lark. Jonquil Yellow is my favorite Lark color. Don't get me wrong, I like our Colonial Red Lark, but Jonquil nudges it out as a favorite.
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