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Isn't someone going to have fun with this $$$$$$

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  • Isn't someone going to have fun with this $$$$$$

    Found in a storage container with a lot of other stuff..

    Click image for larger version

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    What do you think it will go for??
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    Those Bendix PB boosters were manufactured and sent out by the millions in the 1950s and '60s.

    The mounting bracket might be different, but it would be interesting to know what other differences there are between the one in the sale and the visually similar Studebaker and BrandX boosters.

    jack vines


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      Ferrari parts for older cars can be very expensive. I have seen distributor caps go for from several hundred dollars to over one thousand!
      David L


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        Wow, lets get out all those old busted PB boosters and see what kinda Ferrari money we can get......


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          Some parts on Ferrari's interchange with other makes.

          Here is a good example. Was looking at the hazard switch in my 400i. Hmmm, looks an awful lot like the one in my old BMW 2002. Both use Bosch electronics (and both the big Ferrari of the day and the big BMW of the day used ATE four piston caliper front brakes). Check out these two auctions. They do indeed interchange.

          For when the auctions are gone: The Ferrari switch is $450. The BMW switch is $61.79.


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            Back in the late '80s I was running a '58 Porsche 356A as my daily driver. I learned fairly early on to check if a VW part would interchange. There were not that many that would interchange, but if it said VW on the package rather than Porsche, it was about 75 percent less cost.



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              The worst I seen was a original in the box gas cap for a 1971 Plymouth on eBay. It was advertised as the proper part # for a Hemi Cuda convertible.
              Went for over $1000. Or same cap for a 318 Fury, $25.


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                When I had my 59 Ferrari back when it was worth just two ten year old mercedes I had a problem with the solinoid on the Marinelli starter.

                I took it to the local electrical repair shop and watched while the fellow disassembled it, looked on his shelves for about five minutes and installed a new solinoid on the Ferrari starter, tested it and handed it to me with a repair ticket to take to the front desk for pricing. I never mentioned what it was from and he never asked.

                The starter itself was not normal as everything possible was aluminum. So I just held my breath while they generated the invoice. They said, that'll be $33. On the invoice it said "thermo king solinoid" (mercedes three cylinder diesel). I couldn't stop grinning for a half an hour. The solinoid had a german name on it like Behr.

                I figured it was down in the car so nobody but I would know it was not labeled as a proper Ferrari solinoid.

                I suspect that during ww2 the germans set up a factory in Italy to mfgr soliniods. If I had bought a Marinelli solinoid it would have been a lot more.....probably add a zero.
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