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How to read a Studebaker vin

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  • How to read a Studebaker vin

    Does anyone know what the vin of a 55 president speedster means?

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    The vin I’m looking at is 7164091.


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      Welcome to the SDC, and to the SDC Forum Steve, (JohnnyG!

      Do not feel bad about not understanding this, we get at least one or more every 2 Weeks, which to me is a GOOD thing.
      That tells me we are getting MORE newbies here who are New to Studebakers and are New "Studebaker Owners"!

      People familiar with Newer Cars expect to find important data like Paint Color, Interior Color, Optional Equipment etc. in their Serial Number, which on Older Cars is NOT a "VIN Number", it is only a Sequential SERIAL Number.
      So most Older Car Serial Numbers are just counting Cars off the line; One, Two, Three!

      There is "Some" info on Studes. though but very limited, the Number Series on '55's will tell which factory; South Bend, IN, Los Angeles, CA (Vernon Plant) or Canada, (Hamilton Plant) built the Car, and if it is a Champion Six, Commander V8 or President V8.

      The Car Serial Numbers and Engine Number breakdowns are all in both the Studebaker Chassis Parts Catalog and the Body Parts Catalog.

      To find the Sequential Line number off of only the Body Line and the Body TYPE, and Trim Level you can check the Body Tag, under the hood on the Right side of the Firewall.

      To get much more info about your Ccar you need to purchase a Production Order from the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, IN.

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      Second Generation Stude Driver,
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        Thanks StudeRich, learning new stuff everyday!


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          Steve, I just happen to have a CD Copy of the '55 to '58 Body Parts Catalog here downloaded to my Computer, so I CAN tell you that this is a 1955 Studebaker "PRESIDENT", which is Model Code 6H.
          The Starting Serial Number of Model 6H Presidents at the South Bend Plant was was 7,150,001 which is ALL Body Types.

          SO, If we do the Math I hope correctly, we get: it's the 14,090th. '55 President from South Bend.

          Once we know the Body Tag info we'll know which Body type this Car is.

          There were Early '55's with Curved Windshields, and Late '55's with full Wraparound Windshields on SEDANS and Wagons ONLY like the other make's 55's.

          Coupes and Hardtops, better described as "Sport Coupes" did not have this type of change.

          UPDATE: OPPS, how DID I miss that? The words: "President Speedster" went right over my head!
          My reading comprehension is not what it used to be, since my 2012 Heart Attack and 2 episodes of "being revived" during Stint surgery, sorry.
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          Second Generation Stude Driver,
          Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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            Being a Speedster, you can add it to this page: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ent-Speedsters



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              I'm old enough to remember walking into Newman & Altman and watching them pull the card for your Serial Number out of the huge table file, and then walking out with a typed copy of the Production Order for your car. But, if you are willing to spend the money, The Studebaker National Museum still provides this service. If you are going to restore the car, this will provide the original details you may find priceless. Congrats on starting the search, and best of luck to you:



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                Thanks all! It looks like it’s a president and not a speedster.